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Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality are quickly becoming a staple in every serious gamer’s toolbox. Don’t miss the latest updates and developments in the industry!



Get Ready to Live out Your Virtual DJ Dreams in Electronauts

Set to hit all major VR platforms on August 7th, Electronauts is full on virtual DJ experience. Brought to you by Survios, the devs behind Sprint Vector and Raw Data, Electronauts allows you to remix …

Trakker Review: Find Your Way Out Of A Cyber World

Virtual Reality might be a new and futuristic technology, but that doesn’t stop us from looking back to the good old days. The retro days. With games like RetroGunX, Cosmic Attack, and Cyberdrifter to…

Throw Anything Gets a Full Release on Steam

Not all zombie games are created equal. Some have you hunting down the most powerful weapons you can find, some have you serving up cheeseburgers. However, Visual Light’s entry into the zombie genre j…


Now that the hardware is finally catching up to the vision of what virtual reality can bring us, things are really picking up.

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