10 VR Horror Games You Need to Play This Halloween

Are you ready to live out your most dreaded nightmare in the flesh this Halloween?

Halloween is around the corner, and, as if we ever needed an excuse to game, it’s time for some serious VR horror games! Ever since the 8-bit era, we have been scared to near death with video games. Even with the limitations we had in the past, we’ve still been seriously horrified by the most atmospheric titles across the ages.

Through the years, we’ve played some truly atmospheric titles, with their detailed scenarios and outstanding soundtracks, but, even with all that detail and care – no previous generation could offer what VR does nowadays: total immersion into the nightmare.

VR doesn’t joke around with immersion. You aren’t confined to the couch of your living room anymore or to depend on cheap jump scares combined with surprise loud audio. VR horror games give you a first-row seat to witness the nightmare developers want you to go through.

With VR even the basics are scary. Moving around, interacting with the environment, even turning your head around can be a horrible idea. The slightest creaking sound will make chills go down your spine and can make you think twice about looking behind you.

Here are 10 VR horror games (from varied platforms) that are sure to give you and your friends the creeps this Halloween! No need to visit “haunted houses” when you can live the horrors right there in your living room with these terrific titles. As of now, let the madness officially start:

PS VR Horror Games

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (PS VR Exclusive)

Oh, for the love of FPS! Until Dawn packs the big guns while mixing in the dark and sinister atmosphere the brand is known for. The premise of this rail-on shooter is to “descend into madness” as you traverse 7 stages themed as individual nightmares.

Your goal is to shoot approaching enemies with a PlayStation Move Controller or a Dualshock 4, while your movement ability is limited, and while being thrown in with the most horrific nightmares lived in flesh. The developers promise that each ride will never be the same, and so, neither will you.

Weeping Doll

Some games show you terrific things that test your inner might, others simply let your imagination fill the gap with the worst atrocities your mind can generate and face you against your own demons. And that’s the case with Weeping Doll. This enigmatic game developed by Oasis Games, lets you explore a beautiful, yet eerie home, to uncover a gruesome mystery.

You will need to pay close attention to every detail and sound around the house to uncover the truth behind it. Everything seems to be in place in this beautiful house, but, who is crying?

HTC Vive Horror Games

A Chair in a Room: Greenwater

When it comes to full room scale exploration, this is definitely one of the titles you should start with. To start with, this title has the perfect setting for big time scare-to-death thrills: a psychiatric mental institution. We are talking about a very demented plot that serves up powerful scares, scattered at the right times to make you question your own sanity.

With this one we can assure there won’t be any easy moments and if what you’re looking for is a feeling of constant uneasiness and frightfulness, this is the spot-on pick. For sure this is one nerve wrecking piece of work.

The Brookhaven Experiment

This title has made loud echoes in the social media and press department. Received greatly by both gamers and press, this game positions you in an open, yet sinister scene, with limited supplies and guns to defend yourself with – from hordes of nightmarish monsters and zombies.

The game’s environments are well detailed, and so too are the hellish nightmares you fight against, that you can easily forget that it is a game. With its varied gameplay and modes, there’s enough content to ensure enjoyment for many hours. Along the general VR crowd, we definitely recommend this horror title that will assure you some sleepless nights.

Oculus Rift Horror Games

Edge of Nowhere

Insomniac has built up quite a reputation over the years by producing great names such as Spyro and Ratchet. This time they went out of their comfort zone by turning to the sinister, with their first outing in the VR universe with Edge of Nowhere. This VR release focuses on the story of a man in search of his significant other in the Antartica mountains.

Lovecraft receives homage with the disturbing beasts that swarm in the hellish madness this setting soon becomes. With its third person perspective, the Cthulhu inspired beasts surely don’t disappoint to create one of the most disturbing VR experiences to date.


Charlie… Get out of where you are… (Just couldn’t bear talking about a “hide and seek” game without mentioning the De Niro and Fanning 2005 horror film Hide and Seek). Point proven, hide and seek in the right light, is one of the creepiest children’s games ever.

Dreadhalls is literally a dark and eerie dungeon, crawling with deformed beats with, make no mistake, intentions of tearing your very soul apart. There’s some scary stuff going on in the gaming scene nowadays, but peeking through one of the edges of this dungeon is definitely up there.

Samsung GR VR Horror Games

Affected: The Manor

VR horror games have an advantage over regular media video horror games. VR can easily be very effective as short and powerful experiences. This is the case with the stressful fright feast that is Affected: The Manor. Where you are bound to the walls of this Manor swamped with gloomy halls and dark corners.

The pacing and narrative are simply superb, as it quickly develops this whole nightmare for your enjoyment. As the title says, affected will be your general feeling after ending this experience.

Dark Days

For more than a brief experience, we suggest this one. Even though it’s developed for a mobile platform, it is overburdened with details that make a Motel and its surroundings something taken out from Twin Peaks or The X-Files.

Motels have been truly fear-inducing since the Bates Motel, and this one makes a very good rival to that one. With small rooms and tremendous audio utilization, this title will give you the creeps for sure.

Google Cardboard Horror Games

House of Terror VR

For many, many reasons, old decrepit houses have been an object of our utmost fear. It’s bonded to our thoughts that these desolated and pitch black, creaking settings incarnate hell itself.

House of Terror VR comes in and proves the above to be true. This title puts those who were skeptical about mobile VR immersion to shame. All in all, it’s a traumatizing ride from start to end as paranormal happenings start to flood the plot as you advance.


Although this is no novelty and the game has been successful for some time already, if you have not tried out the horror that is Sisters for Google Cardboard, you are truly missing out. What a better occasion than Halloween to fix this?!

Some outstanding level design, thrown in with effective horror tones will keep you coming for more to this desolated haunted house. There is much enjoyment to be had in this hellish house.

For decades, every Halloween, we have dreamed of visiting that haunted house from our movie or video game of choice or walking on the demented scenery described by Lovecraft in his novels. Almost everything has come short of fulfilling this desire until now! We can live the nightmare of our choice by this collection of titles – some for sure have elevated the bar on our dementia meter.

So there you go – enough fuel to burn up all that Halloween hype for this season with these VR horror games! These make for sure some truly horrific rides to satiate your haunting crave this Halloween. Immersion is assured with these great software picks for your VR platform of preference.

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