Fallout 4 VR Is Launching A Day Early

So it seems that Bethesda is in a very giving mood this holiday season. Not only have they released Skyrim VR and Doom VFR, but now they’re releasing one of the most anticipated VR games of the year a day early. Fallout 4 VR brings all of the excitement, content, and quests from the original […]

Accounting+ Is Coming To PSVR On December 19

When Accounting first released for free on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, I was left quite taken aback by it’s surreal and crazy gimmick. Not to mention the swearing. I think a sailor would blush. But what more can you expect from the designer of Stanley Parable and the co-creator of Rick & […]

Doom VFR Review: Just Enjoy It For What It Is [HTC Vive]

Doom VFR. It doesn’t need much of an introduction, does it? Much like its predecessors in the Doom franchise, Doom VFR just kicks in the wall guns blazing, without any apologies. So it’s no surprise that this latest title from id Software and Bethesda Softworks is seen as one of the biggest virtual reality releases […]