All Aboard The Titanic VR (From The Creators Of Apollo 11 VR)

The creators behind Apollo 11 VR and the Engage are back with a new educational title called Titanic VR. Their Kickstarter campaign just launched and they’re looking to launch the full title later this year. The team is looking to launch their title on all three major headsets.

Having gone to the moon and back, the team from Immersive VR Education Ltd now set their sights on our vast ocean and its secrets and spoils. And they’re looking to bring the full onboard experience of one of the most iconic ships in history.

“RMS Titanic sank on the morning of 15th April 1912, during her maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York City, USA. She was carrying 2,208 souls when she struck an iceberg and sank, with nearly 1,500 people perishing in the North Atlantic Ocean.“

Titanic VR

You can both explore the wreck and witness the maiden voyage while the unfortunate events unfold. In the game you follow the story of the Titanic, hearing witness accounts of the ship, its people and the tragic event that we all know so well. You get to see the outside and interior of the ship as it was back on its maiden voyage and get to meet some of the people that boarded the Titanic. The development team put a lot of effort into recreating the characters as well, taking pains to make the story as historically accurate as possible. The Kickstarter aims to have two release sections:

Part One

The first section will be the interactive exploration experience, where you will be able to take control of your own manned submersible and ROV (remotely operated vehicle) to explore the wreck. You will be able to use your VR motion controllers (or standard game controllers) to maneuver your craft, and complete various scientific missions and recovery tasks around the dive site. You will be able to operate the claws on your ROV, and manipulate your surroundings.

There will also be three game modes;


In story mode, you will the player takes on the role of Dr. Ethan Lynch, associate professor of Maritime Archaeology at the fictional University of Nova Scotia. You, along with your PhD Candidate Jean Robinson, set out on a research vessel to dive the wreck. There are also bonus missions and upgrades you can complete for your ROV.


In sandbox mode, you can explore the wreck freely at your own pace. Without interference from a storyline, you get to see the effects of a century of decay on the once proud steamship up close.


The tour mode is just what it says. If you’re looking for a documentary-style tour that takes you through the wreckage step by step then take the plunge into an educational voyage through Titanic’s deteriorating hulk.

Part Two

The second section of Titanic VR will be the immersive experience, where you will be able to witness key events through the eyes of the survivors. This is a historically accurate recreation of the events, based on eyewitness testimony and substantial research. This part is meant to bring out emotion in the player about the tragedy that happened. As well as educate the player about the effects this event had on the nautical industry and safety regulations.

The Titanic is Getting a Lot of Virtual Attention

Obviously, knowing Immersive VR Education Ltd, a lot of research went into the recreation of the ship in this title. Just looking at their Apollo 11 title shows the type of dedication they put into researching and recreating even the finest details.

But it isn’t the first Titanic VR title. The Titanic is a somewhat popular subject amongst VR developers as there have been a few other releases before Titanic VR. There’s a somewhat similar title that was released last year by Unimersiv. Titanic VR Experience was created for Gear VR and is a virtual recreation of what the ship looked like. Meanwhile another Titanic VR game is still in the works, called, Titanic: Honor and Glory – and much like this title, it aims to let players explore the ship in its full glory, while reliving accounts from the time through listening to and interacting with recreated passengers. The difference here is that the story unfolds through the eyes of a character the studio created that’s in search of criminals who boarded the ship.

There’s even another VR title that lets you experience the traumatic sinking of the ship, called Fall of the Titanic (though it has been abandoned). But what makes Titanic VR different? Its historical accuracy and the educational viewpoint it takes. So more than the others, this title takes an account of what happened specifically with the intention of educating others through VR. Through the exploring the wreck in the silent depths of the ocean, and through experiencing the loud groans of the ship and panicked screams of the passengers first-hand – a haunting story begins to unfold before the player.

The Future of Titanic VR

There’s no set date for the release of Titanic VR yet, seeing as the Kickstarter launched only today. So this title is still very much in pre-alpha right now and there isn’t a whole lot being revealed just yet. But if the Apollo 11 VR experience was anything to go by – having received numerous awards and high praise – then the team will certainly deliver. But if all goes well then Vive, Rift and PS VR players will be able to experience the full glory and disastrous ending of the ship that was unsinkable.

Immersive VR Education Ltd has created a short teaser demo to show players what they’re offering. And although the demo is really short – like a minute – they’re looking for feedback from players, so feel free to give it a try and let them know what you think.

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