Accounting+ Is Coming To PSVR On December 19

When Accounting first released for free on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, I was left quite taken aback by it’s surreal and crazy gimmick. Not to mention the swearing. I think a sailor would blush. But what more can you expect from the designer of Stanley Parable and the co-creator of Rick & Morty. It’s a chaotic little game but an extremely entertaining one nonetheless.

And now they’re back with more in Accounting+. Because accountants need updated software too, right?

The game was revealed at The Game Awards today via a trailer that you can check out below:

Accounting+ looks like it will be coming exclusively to PSVR and it features all of the gameplay from the original, with even more hilarious content added on top of that. Which, as was revealed by William Pugh and Justin Roiland, contains a secret new zoo level that will be really hard to find. But features the freaky clown shown in the trailer. So depending on your love of clowns, seek it out actively or just avoid it like the plague. Either way, you probably won’t find it if it’s as hidden as they say.

Anyway, according to Roiland, you can expect double the amount of content of the original game. Which isn’t too hard to achieve, I guess, since the original only equates to about an hour’s worth of gameplay.

So if you’re looking forward to this vulgar title, then you can get Accounting+ for Playstation VR on December 19th. I can’t wait to get cussed out by that filthy little tree-ghost thing again.

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