ANGEST Blasts Off on the Gear VR

Space can be a pretty peaceful and beautiful place. It can also be isolating and incredibly creepy. When your only companions are an AI and your inner thoughts, you are definitely in for a wild ride. This story driven space adventure, ANGEST, does a great job of proving just that.

Step into the role of Valentina, a lone cosmonaut aboard a spaceship somewhere deep in space. Under the constant supervision of your ships AI, Konstantin, you will go through the daily tasks of maintaining the ship and yourself. But, things can get a little wonky when you are all alone in deep space. Every decision you make could have you questioning your sanity.

Pick a Path

ANGEST is a very story driven game and one that the developers, Black River Studios, have given many paths to explore. It’s like a “choose your own adventure” book set in VR. Its branching story makes the experience a little different each time you play.

The isolation and creepy space setting definitely lets your mind run wild with possibilities in ANGEST. But let’s be honest, if an AI is involved, I am automatically assuming we have a HAL 9000 situation on our hands. It’s probably not the case here, but I am still going into this with my suspicions and you can’t stop me.

Whatever might be the cause of Valentina’s slow decent into space madness, ANGEST will have you questioning your very existence. It is available on the Oculus store for absolutely no charge. It is really hard to say no to that price tag. So, if you have a Gear VR and are looking for a great interactive story driven experience, check out ANGEST today. Just remember to keep an eye on that Konstantin.

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