Ark Park Gets Smooth Locomotion And Better Visuals For PSVR

Ark Park, the VR adaptation from Snail Games of the popular dino-infested game, Ark: Survival Evolved released in March this year for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PSVR. While the game did come highly anticipated, some of its features and mechanics did disappoint many gamers which lead to a very thin line between those who like the game and those who don’t.

In my review of Ark Park, I had the following to say: “In the end, Ark Park didn’t really deliver the awesome dinosaur park adventure I was expecting. The exploration felt extremely linear – and if it had a story connected to it, I wouldn’t have minded so much. But the impression I got was that it was just a progression through a few areas with a couple of scripted actions you had to go through before being allowed on to the next area.” I also mentioned the amazing visuals of the game in my HTC Vive review of the game. But unfortunately, PSVR players weren’t having quite the same experience.

Fixing Them Graphics

Luckily, the studio is trying to get the experience universally polished across platforms. They have released an update that has improved the graphics by a whole 16%, along with some bug fixes and adding smooth locomotion to the game, which has already been made available through an update to the other platforms.

“How was ARK Park upgraded? To give PSVR users a measurable improvement in fidelity, the developers experimented with an alternate rendering mode. The result was a small gain in resolution, more effective anti-aliasing, and a boost to bloom lighting as well. Snail Games also spent some extra time on particular maps to bring out the fine detail in each model and texture,” the studio said in a press statement.

The update has also fixed the character creation interface and “fuzzy fonts” issues, added an explanatory prompt to the Gatling Gun, and players will now be directed to the tutorial/story mode.

So if you haven’t checked Ark ark out yet, and you’re up for a dinosaur island adventure then make sure to head on over to the PlayStation Store or Steam, depending on your preferred platform.

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