ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset Brings a New Look to WMR

Those of you that followed all of the WMR announcements, before the launch, might have noticed that someone has been missing from the party. With its futuristic 3D-polygonal design, the ASUS HC102 WMR headset was standout HMD from the rest of the product line. At least aesthetically. With its retail launch coming in several months after its companion line of products, how does it stack up now?

At its core, the ASUS WMR headset features a 3K (2880 x 1440) resolution display, with 90Hz refresh. It comes in at just under 400g and features the flip up design found in most other WMR HMDs. It also features 95-degree horizontal Fresnel-Aspherical field of view, with inside-out tracking. It will ship with two controllers, and WMR app support.

A Confusing Move

So, as we see, the ASUS WMR is right on par with all the other WMR headsets. Aside from the Samsung Odyssey, which remains the top dog in the WMR product line. But, that is where the similarities end. With a price tag of $430.00, the ASUS WMR is leaving many consumers scratching their heads. After all, the Odyssey is currently available for only 399.00 and we have already seen several deals for the rest of the WMR lineup.

Aside from an admittedly cool design, you’re getting less for more with the ASUS WMR. Once the Odyssey is no longer on sale, the ASUS might look a little more appealing, but coming in so late to the party, with a premium price in the lineup, this launch feels more like a price drop waiting to happen.

So, what are your thoughts on the new addition to the WMR lineup? Will you be going for style over specs? Is the WMR inside-out tracking a large enough selling point to sway you from an Oculus Rift, which is also only $399.00? Let us know what you think!

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