Rooms The Unsolvable Puzzle VR Review

Rooms The Unsolvable Puzzle has charming content and pleasant gameplay and it’s now waiting for those who dare to solve its’ puzzles and mysteries! Concept and Puzzles The developers of this game created a distinct concept for a puzzle game. In this game, we’re trying to solve the mysteries of an enchanted, haunted house that […]

Raw Data Review [HTC Vive]

The Year 2271. Tokyo and Eden Corp. launched the “Promotion” project, which could cause great damage to humanity. As an agent of SyndiK8 you must retrieve the Raw Data which can shatter Eden Corp’s existence. I must add, this will be a thrilling, and sensational experience for all humanity. Hey, I’m not kidding, this game […]

Waltz of the Wizard

The hidden chamber of secret arts opens its gates for wizards. It’s a new era and a new beginning for magic. From the Cauldron of Aldin Dynamics we present you the Waltz of the Wizard. A Magical World Awaits As we start the game it welcomes us with a mysterious gate. Which leads us to a world that […]