Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One Releases Tomorrow

Get ready to take the next step of your space adventure with this fresh-off-the press release announcement. As we have learned to expect from developer Frontier by now, things are going get wilder than ever. With more of what you love being added into the already popular space exploration game. This new chapter for Elite […]

Dwingle: Bridging the Gap Between Story and Simulation

Studio XXII has just released Dwingle: B.O.T, the first virtual reality game to connect a fully realized narrative with an intriguing puzzle simulation. As gamers, we invest our time into traveling to never-before-seen worlds. We immerse ourselves into stories that could never happen in real life, but we still fully accept them as our own […]

Best Picks Of Multiplayer Vive Games

Depending on what sort of personality spectrum you fall into, it’s pretty easy to categorize the sorts of games you’ll end up playing again and again, and the playability of certain genres is influenced heavily by whether or not we prefer to solo-mission around in open environments on our own, or we are driven to […]

Mobile VR Strikes Again: 7 Best Gear VR Games

Mobile VR is certainly one of the most practical ways to get into VR. As time moves on, mobile VR gets more and more refined. People’s experiences with the more advanced mobile hardware are comparable in quality to main VR headsets and at a much cheaper price. As mobile VR continues to rise, we want […]

Top 4 Racing Car VR Games

While virtual reality has opened the door to some of the more classic video game genres like RPGs, flight simulators, and FPS arcade style shooters, it’s fallen to a few studios to pick up the slack when it comes to racing car VR games. Some of the most iconic video games to have ever previewed […]

Robots Dominate The Spotlight In Upcoming Oculus VR Games

There is something intrinsic in the science fiction genre that speaks to robots. So it’s only appropriate that with the newest virtual reality headsets hitting the market that some of the better Oculus VR games take this to heart. A whole range of new titles feature robotics in one form or another, whether it’s actually […]

10 VR Horror Games You Need to Play This Halloween

Are you ready to live out your most dreaded nightmare in the flesh this Halloween? Halloween is around the corner, and, as if we ever needed an excuse to game, it’s time for some serious VR horror games! Ever since the 8-bit era, we have been scared to near death with video games. Even with […]

Top 4 Genre-Redefining VR Games For Android

While some of the bigger production companies and manufacturers like Steam and Sony may be dominating the virtual reality market with headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, the availability of the technology has opened the door to other tech firms as well – most noticeably, those behind your smartphones. Even before the Rift […]