Chapter 3 of The Exorcist: Legion VR is Skin Deep

The funny thing about demons, you nail one down and another just pops right up in its place. That’s right detectives, Chapter 3 of Wolf & Woods’ horror detective game, The Exorcist: Legion VR, is on its way. This time around, we are going Skin Deep. As with the previous two chapters, you will be […]

Gunjack 2 Hits the Gear VR

Get ready to head to the Outer Ring of New Eden gunners. It is time to mow down some drones in CCPs’ Gunjack 2: End of Shift. Thats right, the high-octane space shooter has finally landed on the Gear VR and it’s bigger and better than the original. Just like its predecessor, you will be […]

The Unspoken: Acolytes Review: The Spell is Complete

If you are a Rift owner, you’re probably no stranger to The Unspoken. One of the flagship games to be bundled with the Touch launch, it came to be one of the best multiplayer exclusives for the Rift. Unfortunately, something has always felt a little off. A missing piece of the puzzle we didn’t even […]

Get Ready for Fallout 4 VR Mods

The hype train is rolling down the track and people are finally settling into their new lives as wasteland badasses. Sure, some issues have popped up but overall Fallout 4 VR has had a great launch, and players seem pretty pleased. So, what could make this perfectly preserved pie taste even better? How about Fallout […]

Your VR MMORPG Journey Begins with OrbusVR

We have some great news for VR gamers that enjoy the MMORPG genre. That void that has been looming in your libraries is about to finally, be filled. OrbusVR, the first fully realized VR-MMORPG launches into early access this December. The first of its kind VR game is coming to the Rift, Vive, and Windows […]

From Other Suns Review: Aliens and Pirates Galore

Ship to ship combat, pirate attacks, an alien menace, and a healthy dose of FPS action. That is a solid formula for any space adventure game. Add in a pinch multiplayer and a dash of crew management and you have From Other Suns from Gunfire Games. We talked a little about the games pending release […]

OVERTURN Review: How to Escape a Genetic Laboratory in Style

Psychic powers, flashy explosions, and mutated monsters trying to headbutt me out of existence. I can’t help but wonder if this is what Michael Bay’s nightmares are made of? Who knows. What I do know, is that all of these things are found in Studio HG’s recently released VR game, OVERTURN. Set in a maze-like […]

Rec Room Heads to PlayStation VR

Chances are that if you’re reading this then you’re no stranger to Rec Room. On both the Rift and Vive it has gained a sizable following during its early access run over the past year. Now it would seem it’s looking to do the same on the PlayStation VR. The game’s developers, Against Gravity, has […]

Megaton Rainfall Drops October 17th

It seems that PlayStation VR players will have to wait a little while longer for Megaton Rainfall. The development studio, Pentadimensional Games, announced yesterday that the game will now be pushed back until October 17th. The first-person action game was originally set to release on the 26th of September. The studio went on to explain […]

ANGEST Blasts Off on the Gear VR

Space can be a pretty peaceful and beautiful place. It can also be isolating and incredibly creepy. When your only companions are an AI and your inner thoughts, you are definitely in for a wild ride. This story driven space adventure, ANGEST, does a great job of proving just that. Step into the role of […]