Bait! Arctic Open Brings Fishing With Friends To Facebook

Facebook announced at Oculus Connect last month that the popular mobile VR game, Bait! from Resolution Games will be coming to Facebook Spaces. Bait! first released for Gear VR in March last year and quickly became one of the most downloaded mobile VR games to date (with more than 2 million downloads). The mobile VR game lets you wind down and get some ice-fishing done around virtual fishing holes while looking around at very pleasant surroundings. It is a free-to-play game, but does feature some microtransactions.

Now the newly dubbed Bait! Arctic Open has released for Facebook Spaces and it aims to bring relaxation and fun with family and friends all over the world. “Fishing has always been at its most fun when done with friends, and thanks to Facebook Spaces, we’re able to bring the social side of fishing to a virtual environment,” said CEO and co-founder of Resolution Games, Tommy Palm. “Facebook Spaces has made incredible leaps when it comes to social engagement feeling genuine within VR. This makes experiences like Bait! that much more amazing to share with friends and family.”

Check out the trailer below:

You can compete with others to catch the biggest fish in the game’s tournament mode, or just hang out and chill around while casting the occasional line. Unfortunately you can’t drink your Bud Light (or anything else) in the game, but otherwise, it’s a pretty accurate fishing experience.There are 13 fish available to catch with this release (pun intended), including Shivering Shrimp and Penguin Salmon. Though more will probably be added in the future. There are also various collectible trophies. You’ll also be able to use all the regular Spaces functionality when playing Bait! Arctic Open.

So what are you waiting for? Book a day off and go fishing!

Resolution Games are also working on a swashbuckling new adventure upon the high seas for Google Daydream, called Narrows.

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