Become The Ultimate Animal Pirate In Ship Ahoy!

Ah to sail the seas freely plundering and drinking like a sailor. Oh, it’s the pirate’s life for me! Well, not really. But it could be in VR – and you can join in too. With Ship Ahoy, an upcoming multiplayer pirate game from Argentinian based OKAM Studio, you can do just that. Although, Ship Ahoy does seem to have a strange whimsical feel to it. As the description on the game’s Steam page says “Muppet like animals disguised as other animals shooting animals with their animal cannons”. Well, there seems to be a general theme there…

This colorful game mixes cartoonish elements with tactical action where you have full control over your vessel and have to try to become the best pirate on the seven seas by batting down the hatches and blasting others to smithereens in deathmatch sessions. The open beta version of Ship Ahoy will be releasing for HTC Vive on Steam this week. No Oculus Rift support has been announced, which limits the player base a bit but luckily the game offers single player experiences too. But OKAM has said that they’re working to bring the game to Playstation VR too. Hopefully, cross-platform play will be supported.

Check out the trailer below:

So if you’re not keen on riding around the sees, looking for other players to tactically position your cannons against, then there are three mini-games to sharpen up your high-sailing skills with. ‘Batten down the Towers’ lets you work on your aiming skills by pitting you against land-based fortifications. Though if you feel like your target accuracy needs even more perfecting then you can aim your gaze at the ‘Find the targets’ mode. And lastly, there’s the age-old pirate pastime of gathering up treasure which you can partake of in the ‘Plunder’ mode.

But if all that still somehow doesn’t satisfy your rum-swilling appetites then the game will also have a survival mode that puts you in the shoe and pegleg of a pirate for as long as you like. All in all, Ship Ahoy will let you ride the high seas and plunder and plow to your heart’s content. As a man (or woman) was meant to do.

So me matey, if you’re in the mood for some fresh (virtual) seaspray in your face then make sure to give Ship Ahoy a try when it releases on January 10th for Vive on Steam.

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