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Gaming in virtual reality allows veteran and casual gamers alike to experience something new. Because a VR headset gives you the ability to be present within the game’s world, this is a fantastic way to explore new games and old friends alike.

Which virtual reality games are best for you depends on what you already enjoy and what your expectations are. If you are interested in virtual reality to explore new environments, choose games known for building immersive worlds. However, if you want to experience flying a plane in a dogfight or using virtual reality for fitness, you will want to play games that match up with your priorities.

Our team compiled this list of the best games for each genre based on play experience, immersive atmosphere, overall enjoyment, and how replayable each is. Which games belong in your personal ranking is entirely up to your preferences and priorities.

Best Horror Games

The best virtual reality horror game depends on what kind of horror you enjoy most. Does horror to you mean gory zombie-hunting or being chased by ghosts? Maybe exploring a haunted house is more your style.

Phasmaphobia - Best Multiplayer Horror Game

If paranormal ghost encounters are your preferred flavor of horror, Phasmophobia is the best frightening game for you. Because it is a four-player co-op game, Phasmophobia means teaming up with either three friends or three strangers to identify a ghost. Each play-through is different and features unique shocks, temperamental ghosts, and plenty of scares.

In case your friends do not have access to a VR headset, Phasmophobia is also available as a PC game. However, our team found that playing in virtual reality took the fear to the next level. However, like any horror game, the longer you play Phasmophobia, the more acclimatized to the scares you will become.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - Best Singleplayer Horror Game

Play Resident Evil 7: Biohazard in virtual reality, and you will feel like you are physically present in the dilapidated house. From creaky floorboards to dark corridors, the atmosphere is what makes Resident Evil 7: Biohazard a must-play for any virtual reality horror enthusiast. Well-paced scares from all directions keep you on your toes as an unsettling story unwinds.

As a horror survival game, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a pleasing mixture of well-executed psychological horror and disgustingly monstrous abominations. While it includes nostalgic details from previous chapters in the Resident Evil franchise, it is very much a standalone game. Our team found it to be the best-balanced single-player horror game.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Best Zombie Game

No list of horror games would be complete without a zombie-slaying extravaganza, and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners provides one of the best melee combat systems. The gobs of gore and variety of available weapons absolutely exceed expectations.

Beyond the visceral carnage, there are a lot of decisions to make that will steer your course for the rest of the game. As you explore post-apocalyptic New Orleans, there are opportunities to build complex relationships with a complicated web of non-playable characters. There are two factions to choose from, and each interaction has repercussions that make The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners a game with a much larger scope than simply zombie killing.

Half-Life Alyx - Honorable Mention

Because everyone has different phobias and a different fear threshold, some virtual reality games hit differently. Maybe ghosts and zombies do not scare you, or you prefer to invest in games that mix sheer horror with other elements. Not to worry, there are excellent games for you.

Although not strictly a horror game, Half-Life: Alyx does include frightening foes such as zombies and headcrabs. Our team felt that, because horror is not the game’s primary goal, it would not be fair to rank it as one of the best virtual reality horror games. However, the atmospheric excellence, intriguing puzzles, compelling storytelling, and well-thought-out gameplay combine to make Half-Life: Alyx an unmissable game for anyone who dabbles in horror.

Best Workout Games

Working out in virtual reality offers the best of both worlds – a more active lifestyle without the drudgery of traditional exercise. When it comes to which workout game is the best for you, it depends on your comfort level with virtual reality, your preferred gaming genres, and your fitness style.

In the world of virtual reality fitness, the list of equipment goes beyond the VR headset and computer. To intensify a workout, try adding wrist weights or weighted vests. However, you will want to be careful to choose weighted accessories that complement the game’s playing style without inflicting pain.

Superhot - Best Core Workout

Superhot features a sleek monochromatic world and addictive action sequences that make time fly. Because Superhot includes slowed-down time to dodge bullets Matrix-style, real-world time seems to speed up. With strategy-centric gameplay, Superhot makes for a much better workout experience than trudging on a treadmill.

When it comes to tracking fitness data, our team found it to reach about the same exertion levels as a brisk walk. Lots of stretching and bending to avoid bullets lead to increased core strength and flexibility. Although Superhot might not be an extremely intense workout, it is a fantastic game to include in your virtual reality workout regimen as a recovery, cool-down, or warm-up.

If competition gets your heart pumping, Superhot does give you the ability to compete with others in your household. If you are the only one in the household who plays virtual reality games, you can also compete against your own high scores.

Pistol Whip - Best Leg Workouts

Like Superhot, Pistol Whip features a great deal of dodging bullets like the Matrix. Unlike Superhot, Pistol Whip is a rhythm shooter with an arsenal of captivating music. Along with the twisting and stretching to avoid bullets, more squatting means a much better leg workout.

Depending on your fitness level, Pistol Whip can be anywhere from a mildly intense workout to a recovery set. For a more vigorous workout, be sure to turn on “Revenge Mode” in which slain adversaries invariably fire a final shot at you. Because so much twisting is involved, it is important to be careful when considering weighted accessories.

Boneworks - Honorable Mention

Because Boneworks is designed to take virtual reality to the limits of kinesiology and physics, it is not recommended for anyone new to virtual reality gaming or those prone to motion sickness. However, the logic puzzles make it seem like you are not exercising at all.

If you are not able to stand for long periods of time, Boneworks might be the right virtual reality workout for you. You can still experience the wacky physics, and, with wrist weights, get a decent arm workout.

Best Party Games

Because of the novelty, getting out your VR headset for a party can be a big hit. However, you will need to make sure you have the right game loaded and ready to go. Unless the right game is chosen, a VR headset with its personal screen lends itself to solitary play more than collaborative engagement.

What makes a good virtual reality party game? Multiplayer games are a good start. A good party game is fun not just for the people playing, but also for anyone watching.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes - Best for Big Parties

Keep Talking and Nobody explodes is a fresh twist on a multiplayer game, and works well for anyone who only has one headset. One person uses the headset, and, surprisingly, the other participants use an analog 23-page bomb manual. The goal is for the person using the VR headset to defuse a bomb, but constant communication is required from the person (or small group of people) with the manual.

Unlike other games that are diminished by having an audience, the Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes experience actually improves when people watch. Because of the inherent stressfulness of defusing a bomb, additional people participating actually diffuses the tension. With ridiculous questions flying between the bomb defuser and the manual reader, everyone watching will be entertained.

While most party games start to become stale after some time has passed, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes stays fresh. There are 23 different modules, and you can always switch who is the bomb defuser and who is reading the manual. Because each role brings unique challenges, even experienced partners need to work together to overcome the learning curve.

Another benefit to Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is that the two participants do not need to be in the same room. To make the experience feel as much like an action movie as possible, use a phone, walkie-talkies, or video call to connect the two participants.

The Take - Honorable Mention

Set in a retro illustrated world, The Take channels espionage and classic comic book elements for a contemporary take on hide-and-seek. Like all good party games, The Take has a simple premise: one person hides intel in virtual reality, and the other person needs to find it. However, there is a twist: the person hiding the intel also sets ambushes to try to prevent it from being found.

This game only requires one headset with the hider turning it over to the seeker when their five-minute timeframe has expired. Then, the seeker’s turn is visible on-screen for everyone to see. The seeker shuffles through one of the three environments attempting to find the intel without triggering any of the booby traps.

While the hider works, there is time for other partygoers to talk and grab refreshments before the hilarity of seeking ensues. To make it fun for everyone, switch the hider and seeker with every round. A clearly-defined winner and loser even make it easy to institute a friendly tournament.

Best Puzzle Games

Playing puzzle-themed games in virtual reality can be immersive, relaxing, pleasantly challenging, and, of course, incredibly satisfying. Like all genres, there is a wide variety of range in puzzle-centric games. Do you prefer puzzles you can get down to solving immediately or story-driven puzzles?

Tetris Effect - Best Meditative Puzzling

Virtual reality gaming is all about the immersive atmosphere, which does not seem compatible with Tetris gameplay without ruining the minimalist perfection. However, Tetris Effect delivers on all your nostalgic expectations tenfold via impressive atmospheric effects and a soothing soundtrack.

If you want to unwind to a puzzler, Tetris Effect might be just the ticket. Load Tetris Effect on your headset, and you escape to a surreal space filled with calming luminescent bubbles, and immersive ambient music. You are greeted with the game you are familiar with as well as a world designed to help you achieve a state of zen.

The gameplay might be the same, but the virtual reality worlds transform Tetris from a game into an experience. Landscapes occasionally shift to different peaceful locations and include fun touches like dolphins in an undersea setting or a roving robot on a planet’s surface. Even the tiles are slightly animated, creating a hypnotic effect.

To sit back, utterly relax, and forget about the world around you, use an untethered headset. Choose a standalone headset like the Oculus Quest 2, and you can unwind with Tetris’ predictable puzzle anywhere your travels take you.

Nevrosa: Escape - Best First-Person Puzzling

If you prefer a more intense gaming experience than Tetris, check out Nevrosa: Escape. This is an intriguing escape room-style game with more than a dash of horror. Set in an old European manor house complete with a secret lab, this game gives you the immersive atmosphere you would expect in a first-rate virtual reality game.

The puzzles might be infuriating at first, but, once solved, leave you with the glow of satisfaction characteristic of the best puzzle-style games. Because it features multiple endings, you can play it through a few times for fresh experiences.

Unfortunately, the save feature only operates once per chapter. However, this provides urgency and extra incentive to complete the puzzles quickly. Of course, if you are an expert puzzle-solver, this lack of saving is a non-issue.

The Talos Principle VR - Honorable Mention

Another first-person puzzle game, The Talos Principle in virtual reality is fun and immersive. A soothing voice from the sky gives you some direction, but you mostly need to figure it out on your own.

Members of our team who had previously played The Talos Principle on PC found it repetitive, but those who had not yet played it found the experience fully satisfactory. As an enjoyable game, it deserves to be mentioned, but because it is not enjoyable to replay, it is not included as one of the finest puzzle games.

If you enjoy unwinding a story as you solve puzzles, The Talos Principle does feature an interesting backstory. However, for those who prefer to skip the story and go straight to the gameplay, the story is completely optional.

Best Chat/Social Games

Although often overlooked, connecting with gaming communities is a way to forge friendships and meet others who share your interests. Diving into some of these socially-centered games can be a little intimidating, but a VR headset removes some of the social anxiety from the situation. In chat and social games, you choose how to portray yourself to the world, and you can have adventures with friends both new and old.

VRChat - Best Sandbox Chat Game

It might be an exaggeration to say that you can do anything in VRChat, but it is not much of one. In this massive sandbox environment, there is limitless user-created content to explore. You can stick with mundane worlds or discover the eccentricities in the more ridiculous.

The first step is to choose an avatar. VRChat allows for just about anything, and you will see a little bit of everything in different avatar options. Then, you can explore the various worlds with real-world friends or new friends.

Playing around and partaking in shenanigans is only one part of what you can do in VRChat. Drop into a dance class or learn something new like Japanese. Because VRChat supports full-body tracking, there are also some opportunities for group workouts with individuals around the world.

However, it is worth noting that VRChat has accrued complaints of bullying and does occasionally host a rough crowd. While not everyone has this experience, it is important to acknowledge that an unregulated sandbox can sometimes lead to unpleasant behavior.

BigScreen - Best Virtual Movie Theater

With a VR headset and Bigscreen, you can skip the big movie theater experience to enjoy a full-length feature film. In Bigscreen, you can experience 3-D movies as you have never seen them before. You can also create a private room to watch shows or play games with your friends and family.

Of course, watching movies in a VR headset requires different priorities in a headset. Because movie watching is generally stationary, you will be spending long periods of time in your VR headset. This means you need a headset that is comfortable for long periods of time.

Rec Room - Honorable Mention

Although Rec Room fits in the same niche as VRChat, it is built for a slightly different audience. If VRChat’s reputation for unruly users is a turn-off, Rec Room is a more wholesome alternative. While it, like any online chat platform, still has issues, you are less likely to be on the receiving end of cyber abuse.

Like VRChat, Rec Room is loaded with user-created content to explore. There are freeform areas as well as more structured games. Some of these include paintball, charades, battle royale, and even a drive-in movie theater.

If you want to create your own games, the interface is more intuitive in Rec Room than VRChat. Although the avatars are more limited in Rec Room than in other social game options, there is a great deal of diversity represented. For those hoping to avoid the utter chaos of VRChat, Rec Room might be worth checking out.

Best Racing Games

Once you play a racing simulator in virtual reality, you may never go back. Feeling like you are behind the wheel adds a new dimension to this genre of games. Whether you are admiring the car’s interior or craning your neck to see just beyond the next curve, virtual reality adds nuance to racing simulators that you did not know you were missing on more standard platforms.

However, to get the most out of your virtual reality racing simulators, you will probably need to take a look at your equipment. Depending on your gaming computer, you may need to balance performance settings to produce good resolution and a high refresh rate. To bring racing simulators as close to life as possible, playing with accessories is highly recommended.

Assetto Corsa Competizione - Best GT3 Racing Simulator

Although you might need a high-end computer to enjoy this game to its fullest potential, Assetto Corsa Competizione is filled with realistic visual detail and impressive audio. As an improvement on previous installments, Assetto Corsa Competizione featured easy-to-navigate menus to start racing as quickly as possible.

Our team’s biggest complaint was that this game lacked the fine-tuned steering precision achieved by other racing simulators. Despite having looser steering than some of the competition, Assetto Corsa Competizione captures racing’s visceral ferocity with an intense passion. Because even the computer-generated cars make human-type judgment calls, it feels more like you are racing against other people than against a computer.

With some of the best automotive audio available in a simulator, you will want to play this game with a top-notch audio setup. Of course, if you are using a VR headset that already includes formidable audio, there is nothing to worry about. Regardless of how you hear the audio, there is something joyfully primal about all the engine sounds on offer in this game.

iRacing - Best Subscription Based Racing Simulator

As a subscription service with optional additional purchases, iRacing is set up differently than the other racing simulators on this list. However, as the official racing simulator of IMSA, INDYCAR, NASCAR, and more, iRacing has a long tradition of delivering racing excellence. Even if you do not have a top-of-the-line gaming computer, iRacing can provide a completely enjoyable experience.

Compared to the Assetto Corsa Competizione’s intense ferocity, iRacing can seem monotonous and uninspiring but provides a faultless simulator experience with a focus on developing a driver’s skill. Because iRacing includes a multiplayer mode, this emphasis on safe driving is rewarded.

DiRT Rally 2.0 - Best Dirt Track Racing Game

If you are tired of racing on pristine racetracks, DiRT Rally 2.0 offers a whole new challenge. Racing on dirt tracks is a whole new experience, and, instead of competing with other cars, you find yourself in a battle to simply stay on the road. You will have the opportunity to slowly build your team as well as learn how to parse the obscure rally jargon.

With three racing modes, there is plenty of opportunity to replay DiRT Rally 2.0 many times over. Some tracks feature switching from dirt to asphalt, and you can really tell a difference in how the car handles. Because this game features frequent rollover-type crashes, Those who suffer from motion sickness will appreciate the stationary camera setting.

Best Flying Games

Flight simulators are another genre that naturally lends itself to the virtual reality medium. With a VR headset, the right accessories, and a game with good graphics, you feel like you are really flying an airplane.

Microsoft Flight Simulator - Best Flight Simulator

Although not technically a game, Microsoft Flight Simulator is the closest you can come to flying a plane without a physical airplane. Everything you do in a real airplane is mimicked in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and, like flying a real airplane, it can take some time to acclimate to the controls. The only aspect of Microsoft Flight Simulator that feels like a game is a rotating challenge roster.

However, just because it is not designed as a game does not mean that Microsoft Flight Simulator lacks entertainment value. Because the Earth in this game is mapped based on satellite imagery, it is thrilling to see familiar landmarks and explore new places. Of course, even with the 100GB initial download, the close-up details are less than convincing.

Some of the features you will be able to enjoy are creating a flight plan, taking off, landing, and occasionally equipment failures like engine problems. The actual flying portion takes place in real-time which means that you can easily spend hours on a single flight. If that does not sound like a fit for your gaming style, there is an option to speed up the flight or to skip right to a segment of the flight.

While you can enjoy Microsoft Flight Simulator without a VR headset, adding virtual reality gives it an entirely new dimension. Instead of seeing everything on a static screen, you actually have to move your head to see the controls and landscape below. Sunsets and sunrises in this game are as utterly spectacular as witnessing them in a real flight.

Ace Combat 7 - Best Combat Flight Simulator

If you want to skip the mundane aspects of flight to jump right into aerial combat, Ace Combat 7 might be the right game for you. While this game is designed for traditional gaming with a few missions available in virtual reality, the small amount of virtual reality content present is utterly jaw-dropping. After finishing the three missions with virtual reality support, there is a free-flight mode to enjoy.

As a fighter pilot pushing your plane to its very limits, this game might not be right for those who are prone to motion sickness. However, our team agreed that this game showcases what virtual reality can do. Ace Combat 7 is a good one to pull out for parties or for a friend skeptical about VR headsets.

Best Space Games

Although similar to racing and flight simulators, space games stretch the imagination and are filled with impossible vistas and heart-pumping action. Instead of piloting a vehicle that exists in real life, you are in the captain’s chair of a spaceship. Like other genres of simulators, accessories help these games feel as immersive as possible.

Elite Dangerous - Best Sandbox Space Game

Yes, this game was released in 2015, but this does not in any way diminish the quality of gameplay. In fact, this means that you can enjoy Elite: Dangerous on gaming computers that are not filled with top-of-the-line components. As an older game, it also comes at a more affordable price.

While it does take some time to set up the controls and acclimate to your spaceship’s steering, you can explore the universe. If you enjoy combat play, you can choose to engage in combat-style missions. Exploration and trade missions are also options.

Experiencing Elite: Dangerous in virtual reality means swinging your head around to see the entire spaceship dash. With small details like decorative dash ornaments, it really feels like you are on your ship. This game does an excellent job nailing scale: when you are next to a planet or star, you feel infinitesimal.

Whether you choose to be a space pirate or an intrepid explorer, Elite: Dangerous is one of the most addictive space games. Once the controls were set up to their liking, everyone on the testing team found something to enjoy about this sweeping space epic.

Star Wars: Squadrons - Best Star Wars Game

Anyone who has ever dreamed of flying an X-wing or TIE fighter will fall in love with Star Wars: Squadrons in virtual reality. With a solid single-player campaign as well as a multiplayer mode, this game has a lot to offer. While the story in the campaign could be more captivating, it does provide perspectives from both the New Republic and the Empire and helps users become familiar with ships on both sides of the battle lines.

One of the first things we noticed was how immersive this game was in virtual reality. From flying the ships to chatting in the hangar, nearly everything feels like you are really there. The exceptions are cinema-style cutscenes that completely break the spell.

With Star Wars: Squadrons, you have the opportunity to fly 10 unique ships featured in the films and can fully explore the benefits of each. There is a little strategy involved as well – you need to decide which areas of the shields to allocate power to. Like most flight simulators, you get the most out of it with dedicated accessories, but a keyboard and mouse will work as well.

Best Adult Games

Virtual reality is not just for innocent pursuits. If you are 18 years or older, you can explore the forbidden fruits of adult entertainment in virtual reality. There are many ways to explore your desire, so there is no single best adult virtual reality game. Because each of the below games fits a different niche, there are also no honorable mentions.

Virt-a-Mate - Best Adult Sandbox

While most virtual reality games allow you to jump in and start enjoying yourself, Virt-a-Mate is a little different. This is a fully-fledged 3-D adult content editor that puts you in control. With Virt-a-Mate, you can create and pose figures to bring your wildest fantasies to life.

Beyond creating your own content, you can explore what others have created and experience it in full virtual-reality glory. Seeing what others are doing can help spur your creativity to new heights. As a true sandbox, Virt-a-Mate gives you a platform to indulge in your darkest desires.

Holodexxx - Best Realistic Adult Entertainment

This adult content game is so naughty that it has been rejected from the Steam store three times. Holodexxx transports you to a cyberpunk strip club to experience futuristic exotic dancers. In the strip club venue, you can download a pack of well-known adult film stars and experience the lapdance of a lifetime in virtual reality.

If a strip club is not your scene, Holodexxx also offers a “home mode,” where you can enjoy the myriad sensual delights of your robot girlfriend in a futuristic apartment. This character is also mapped from an adult film star. In this mode, you can change her hair color, eye color, and even her clothes.

What sets Holodexx apart is how realistic its dancers are. Because each character is modeled after a photographic map of a real-world adult film star, this is as close to life as technology will currently allow. To provide an experience as lifelike as possible, you can tell that lots of development has gone into facial expressions and eye contact.

3DXChat - Best Adult Chat

If it helps you to know there is another person at the other end of the virtual reality hologram, 3DXChat connects you with another adult. In 3DXChat, you can build a virtual avatar, design a home, and create adult scenes worth fantasizing about. Because 3DXChat focuses more on providing a connection with another human being than ground-breaking graphics, you may find the visual quality a little underwhelming.

Although the VR headset is optional for 3DXChat, it is recommended for a fuller experience. Because a tether cable can prove an unfortunate distraction at the most intimate of moments, an untethered headset is recommended for this application.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are as many flavors of games as there are gamers. Some are filled with frights while others allow you to experience racing a car, flying a plane, or defusing a bomb. Which games will take you on an enjoyable journey?

Although the games are played in virtual reality, VR gaming does come with physical demands. Some games require standing, moving, or exercising in ways that you find uncomfortable or impossible. If that is the case, there are plenty of other games that are compatible with seated or low-impact physical play.

Even if you already know which games you enjoy on other platforms, it might pay to take a risk. Sometimes, stepping out of your comfort zone to try something new can reap rich rewards. After reading about these games, imagine all the possibilities and adventures that await.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which games are the best depends on your preferences which mean there is no single best VR headset for everyone. To figure out the best VR headset for you, make a list of the games you are most excited about and note which headsets are compatible with each.

Generally, the Steam store and the Meta store are regarded as having the best variety of games. The Steam store is compatible with most headsets while the Meta store is more exclusive. The only way to be certain you have reliable access to the Meta store is to purchase a Meta-branded headset.

Because many games are compatible with a variety of headsets, the ones with the best games for you are the ones that fit your virtual reality expectations the best. For example, if you want to see every detail and texture in your virtual-reality adventures, check out the HP Reverb G2 (V2). For untethered gameplay, choose a headset that is either standalone or offers a wireless adaptor.