Budget Cuts Will Release Today (Hopefully)

Delays are part and parcel with tight deadlines and new platform releases. So when the much anticipated VR stealth game that places you in a virtual office full of deadly robots, Budget Cuts got delayed the first time, it didn’t ruffle too many feathers. However, we’re a couple of delays in by now and the mysterious title is almost starting to seem like a mythical creature that we’re hearing about but will never see.

Nevertheless, developer Neat Corp hasn’t dropped the ball so far and a surprise tweet by the studio has revealed that the game will, in fact, finally release today at 10 am PST. One Twitter user by the handle of @haltdef even asked “For realsies this time?” and the studio replied with “For absolute realsies!” – so here’s to hoping that this is actually happening today.

Having been originally set to release back in May, the game was postponed with the studio citing bugs and difficulties with the framerate as the main culprits. The studio had already sent out press keys before the May 31st release date which means some reviewers had already thrown in their two cents, bugs and all. But overall many of the reviews don’t seem to hammer on any severe gamebreaking bugs so the studio might just have felt that it’s better to postpone than release the game with known bugs.

Do You Smell The Anticipation?

Luckily the wait hasn’t been too long, even though it can feel that way for many who were amped for the release. But I’m sure most would agree that it’s better to wait a while for a polished experience, than have your first look at the game ruined by things that could have been fixed before release.

In Budget Cuts you play the role of a new employee at Neat Corporation – a company filled with killer robots. Which means you really don’t want to work here. To escape, however, you need to find your job application. Which means you’ll have to sneak around, use whatever weapons you can craft from objects found in the office, and find that job application before it’s too late.

So are you excited to finally get your hands on the long-awaited game? Budget Cuts will release on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift at.

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