Coatsink Releases Final Pack For Gear VR Game A Night Sky

Back in April Coatsink, the studio behind the popular Augmented Empire, released A Night Sky for Gear VR. The relaxing star-gazing title also quickly gained popularity under Gear VR users so the studio started releasing update packs that added new content and environments to the game.

Now Coatsink has released the sixth and final pack for A Night Sky titled Night of the Emperors. Since the holidays are upon us, this pack has a little bit more of a festive theme and centers around a group of adorable playful penguins in the arctic. You’ll get to chill out with them, play a new mini-game, and gaze in awe at the mesmerizing northern lights.

Here’s a quick summary of the other five packs released for A Night Sky:

Pack 1 – Night of the Dragon

Indulge an owl, defy a dragon and conduct a kaleidoscope of butterflies in Night of the Dragon.

Pack 2 – Night of the Golem

Drawn to the glow of your campfire, a young golem has settled on an outcrop nearby. Night of the Golem introduces new reactions and a lively, inquisitive companion.

Pack 3 – Night of the Kraken

Confront the scourge of the stormy seas in Night of The Kraken, introducing a gigantic new creature, new animations, and a target range mini-game.

Pack 4 – Night of the Phoenix

Arise from the cinders to the stratosphere in Night of the Phoenix, introducing a new musical mini-game, unique animations, and a fiery new companion.

Pack 5 – Night of the Martians

Prepare for a close encounter in Night of the Martians, introducing a giant extra-terrestrial ship, new animations, and a hide-and-seek mini-game. Relax… They come in peace.

Individual content packs for A Night Sky are priced at £0.79/$0.99/€0.99. However, all the packs are currently available at a discounted bundle price of £2.99/$3.99/€3.99. The original A Night Sky is available on the Oculus Store for Free. So if you’re in the mood this holiday season for a relaxing interactive experience with a lot of different themes and characters, then you’ve found the right game.

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