Create Your Own Anime-Style RPG With Smile Game Builder!

Japanese developers, SmileBoom have been working on a game-developing game/software called Smile Game Builder, which allows you to create your own RPG game from scratch! No programming experience needed.

Smile Game Builder has a simple user interface that allows you to choose, drag and drop and create your own elements for an RPG world. You have control over everything, create a storyline with events, characters, and battles. It lets you create your own world from scratch, from farms with green pastures to dungeons full of bats and treasure. There are also different terrains to choose from, like deserts and terrain effects like snow and falling leaves. Ever dreamed of creating your own RPG? Well with this software you now decide how the story goes.

What does Smile Game Builder Have To Offer?

The software offers a type of experience that’s similar to RPG Maker but is different in many ways. RPG Maker has been going for years and so has a wider variety of features and allows you to create your own character – where Smile Game Builder does not. But, what it does offer you is the chance to draw or create your own characters on other platforms – either in 2D or 3D – and import them into the game.

Which is great if you have an artistic hand. But if you’re like me and stick figures are more your forté, then you can still choose between the 20 character designs they have available. Though, I will add that character customization is an insanely important feature in RPG’s, so hopefully, the devs will add more features to that in the future. And since Smile Game Builder has a Japanese developer, the characters have been designed in classic anime style. There are some customization options when it comes to the current characters, including their behavior and animations.

The user interface needs some work, but it is quite simple and easy to use. It has pre-made features, like event templates, but also gives you the advanced option of starting from scratch. The program is still relatively new but is showing a lot of promise. The developers just added a new battle system with 45 monsters at your disposal. Previously battles were a simple 2D type event, similar to early Japanese fighting games. Now you can have battles in full 3D ( if you created a 3D map) and see the action unfold. What’s cool about this is you can change the camera angles freely during the battle to get unique battle effects.

A lot of game reviewers have reported that the developers behind Smile Game Builder are friendly and quick to answer any questions and complaints. They’re very open to suggestions and working hard and updating frequently to make the experience even better. The developers have also created very helpful tutorials on Youtube, but I found the software to be relatively straightforward. When it comes to decoration, you can decorate the outside and inside areas in your game world however you like. The only downside is that it feels like there aren’t enough options in the furniture department yet. But I’m sure there are plans to add more to the mix as the software grows.

The New VR Mode

SmileBoom recently decided to bring Smile Game Builder to VR. Now you can test your maps and experience the RPG you created in VR. And you don’t even have to convert any data or change any settings. Just put the headset on and you’re in. Smile Game Builder currently works on both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The VR part of the game is still in beta, so don’t expect anything fancy just yet. What makes it great is the fact that you can experience the story you created first-hand. It also lets you look at the map you created from a different angle so you can see what works and what doesn’t.

Check out this video of one of the developers looking at one of the maps they created, while in VR.

Currently, Smile Game Builder has a $79.99 price tag on Steam, which seems a little steep, but the software looks really promising – which makes the price almost acceptable to me. If you are a bit skeptical of buying new software like this without having tested it out first, then fear not. They do have a trial version available, which can be downloaded directly from Steam. So if you’re interested, then give the trial version a try and see if it’s something you might like.

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