Custom Tracks Coming to Beat Saber Sooner Than Expected

Having recently taken the VR gaming scene by storm, Hyperbolic Magnetism is back at it again. In a Twitter post, the company announced that they could be releasing an Alpha version of a custom level editor for Beat Saber, as early as Friday. That means, that only after eleven days with the ten tracks that came with the game, we could be seeing custom tracks being shared across the internet.

The development studio behind the wildly popular VR rhythm game had always intended to release a level editor. However, due to an overwhelming amount of interest, they decided to let players use the existing editor, and give feedback. With Beat Saber being an early access game, this makes perfect sense!

Custom Tracks and Beat Maps

While the news of the level editors impending release is certainly exciting, players should keep a few things in mind. The level editor will let you import your own tracks, however it is up to the player to create the beat mapping for that song. This can be a lot of work, if you want the quality that is seen in the games existing levels.

The editor will also not have a means to share the files right away. Players will need to find another way to spread their creations. At least for now. We are talking about VR gamers here, so we will no doubt see some amazing tracks circulating the net shortly after its release. More news on the Beat Saber level editor is expected to come later this week. We will keep you posted.

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