Dark Souls Inspired VR Game Left-Hand Path Releases Next Month

If some of the VR horror games out there just haven’t been enough of a pants-soiling experience for you, then you’re in luck! Because Strange Company decided to take all of the weird and wonderful things of the popular Dark Souls series as inspiration for their upcoming title, Left-Hand Path.

The studio just announced that their Dark Souls-inspired room-scale VR RPG will release for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Touch on November 10 after being in Early Access for over a year. The studio promises a riveting experience that you won’t forget anytime soon, as well as over 15 hours of gameplay. Which is long by VR’s standards.

Check out the trailer below:

Left-Hand Path is a horror adventure where you’ll have to try desperately not to die as you cast spells, perform rituals, and try to gain allies along the way. The magic has been implemented in the same that many other popular spell-casting VR games work – by making certain gestures in the air. Though the ritual magic system that features in Left-Hand Path is based on historical Hermetic magic. Make of that what you will.

In the game you’ll start out in a dark castle with a tragic history. You can’t stay there for long though and will have to venture out into the land of Well Of All Rewards (sounds promising) to find.. well, even more weird stuff I guess. Left-Hand Path supports both teleport and sliding locomotion so you can be comfortable while you’re fleeing from horrific pus-leaking monsters.

“Isaac Newton said ‘If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.’ I agree with that,” said developer, Hugh Hancock in a statement. You might recognize Hugh as one of the founders of the original Machinima. “In the case of Left-Hand Path, those giants turn into horrific pus-monsters when you get them to half health. Dark Souls changed everything in game design, and I felt strongly that VR needed an experience that captured the ‘Souls-like’ essence. Fans will recognize the atmospheric environment, subtle storytelling, and the ever punishing gameplay of the genre in Left-Hand Path. “ Because, you know, trying to tuck and roll to evade incoming attacks wasn’t hard enough with a mouse and keyboard.

Left-Hand Path will be releasing on Steam for $29.99 USD/€27.99 EUR/£23.79 GBP on November 10. Better go out and buy yourself some extra thick underwear so long.

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