Do or Die Promises Lots Of Unique VR Battle Royale Action

By now, we have quite a few VR battle royale games on the market, vying for players’ attention, including Until None Remain and Rec Royale. Which doesn’t come as much of a surprise, considering how popular the genre is right now. But even so, creating a multiplayer that gains enough traction to keep it going for any period of time is hard enough without the added pressure of a small niche market like virtual reality. Add to that the fact that there are already similar titles within the genre, and you’d have to produce something with some sort of original hook to get players to flock to your side. That’s exactly what developer YCorp Studio is aiming to do with their upcoming VR battle royale title, Do or Die.

Currently in development for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, Do or Die incorporates the typical system you’d come to expect from a battle royale game. You drop down onto a map, search for gear and weapons before an enemy finds you, and travel ever closer together as the circle constricts. Where Do or Die tries to separate itself from the pack, however, is in a couple of unique features that it offers.

Check out the trailer:

First and foremost, Do or Die differs from most other battle royale games in the winning conditions. While you usually win by being the last player left alive, in Do or Die you don’t actually have to kill everyone, but just have to be the first player to reach the helicopter and climb up its ladder. Like many other titles in the genre, though not so much for the VR platform, Do or Die also offers cosmetic items, that you can get either through microtransactions or loot crates. The developers also tried their own unique take on loot crate drops, and instead of a box falling from the sky, the world has NPCs running around, and if you manage to kill one, then you can grab their high-tier loot.

Besides those changes, Do or Die looks like a virtual replica of the popular PC game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Albeit a really poor looking version, since the game is still in early development and is being made by a small indie studio. But other than the graphical deparment, Do or Die is pretty much PUBG in VR.

You also get to pick up weapon mods like scopes, drive around in vehicles with what the developers claim to be a unique driving system, and a mechanism that allows you to control your parachute’s speed and direction. Most of these features are pretty sparse at the moment in other VR battle royale titles, which might just give Do or Die enough of an edge to gain traction.

So if these are some of the features you’ve been looking for in a VR battle royale game, then make to keep following us as we find and reveal more info about Do or Die. No final release date has been announced for the platform yet. For more info, you can visit the game’s official website.

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