Drunk or Dead Gets A Major Update – More Booze!

Drunk or Dead is one of the strangest games I have seen for VR so far. Which is quite ironic because it uses two of the most generic elements in gaming – zombies and wave shooting.

Boobs, booze, and guns are what matter in this game. Drunk or Dead is a cheeky zombie shooter that was released by 4 I Lab, an indie studio in Belarus, for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in January 2017.

When the game first released, it just had one room – a bar – where you get served by a busty cowgirl. The goal of Drunk or Dead is to stay as drunk as possible because, apparently, zombies really hate alcohol. Guess it kills too many brain cells for a brain to be appetizing anymore. Still, besides keeping you alive, the spirits also makes the bartender’s bosom bigger, so you’ve got that going for you during the apocalypse at least. So keep drinking and stay alive. The drunker you are – the less chance you have of getting infected.

Bring On The Antlers

Now, Drunk or Dead is getting a major update with a new map, weapons, and enemies. It seems animals, deer and birds in particular, don’t make for good drinking buddies. So in sheer Hitchcockian style – the birds are coming for you. And they want a piece. Watch out for those deer antlers too, they hit pretty hard.

The update releases today and brings with it a new way to get sloshed – the drinking hat. So you can keep your hands free for the lead you’re about to rain down on the approaching zombies/animal zombies.

Check out the update trailer below:

Drunk or Dead is available for $5.99 on Steam, but the developers said that there will be a discount with the coming update. They didn’t disclose how much the discount will be, however. Overall, I would say the game offers an entertaining take on a stale genre, but it’s still a simple wave shooter that doesn’t offer much in terms of gameplay – except repetitive blood spatter and zombie grunts.

Still, if you’re into wave shooters and looking for a more jovial take on the apocalypse then look no further. And as the studio says on the Steam page, “Don’t worry, shoot zombie!”

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