Dwingle: Bridging the Gap Between Story and Simulation

Studio XXII has just released Dwingle: B.O.T, the first virtual reality game to connect a fully realized narrative with an intriguing puzzle simulation.

As gamers, we invest our time into traveling to never-before-seen worlds. We immerse ourselves into stories that could never happen in real life, but we still fully accept them as our own journey. Virtual reality is an ever-rising force in the video game industry that will one day stand as the market standard. For this to happen, however, VR games need to be able to pull us in with an exciting, adventurous, narrative. We need to be able to travel through new world and experience things that could never occur in our own reality. The heart of video gaming lies in the ability for these games to be able to transport us and allow us to lose ourselves, in awe of the wondrous worlds that have been created. The VR game we have been waiting for is here.

Dwingle: B.O.T will be the first VR game of its kind, perfectly merging an inspiring, creative story with the challenge of a unique puzzle layout. Studio XXII, a powerful and innovative new production studio, has just released Dwingle as their first game. Dwingle is an absolute crowning achievement for this studio’s first game and I personally cannot wait to see what they have next.

This glorious game is available on SteamVR and VivePort. Check it out:

Keep out: What’s Behind the Door?

In Dwingle, you will have the ability to build your own robot companion, give it life, and bring it with you through the rest of your adventure. You will scour your way through endless puzzles, learning new things that will help you on your quest. Your mission is to escape a locked room with your robot companion by following the alluring, yet frightening story and solving the puzzles you are presented with. Go through days of excitement, complication, fear, and accomplishment to complete the story and win the game.

Be sure to grab this game from Steam and Vive as soon as you possibly can. Because Dwingle is the game we have yearned for, a story driven VR game since this technology was introduced. We have always wanted to live and explore inside another world. Until VR came around, console and PC gaming was all that we had, looking at a screen and twisting the joystick to look around. Now, we have the capability to live, walk around, and talk as the character but something was still missing. With Dwingle, we now hold the missing link, a fully realized immersive story.

Buy it now and experience a transportation into a new world. Solve the puzzles with your robot companion. Then play again!

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