E3 2018: Charming Puzzle Adventure Ghost Giant Announced For PS VR

Whenever E3 rolls around, you can be sure to expect at least a few pleasant surprises and this year’s event is no different. Besides the major announcements and releases, Sony always has a few unknown gems up their sleeve and the newly announced Ghost Giant from Swedish studio Zoink Games seems to be one of those very gems.

Announced for PlayStation VR at the pre-E3 press conference, Ghost Giant is a cute little puzzle adventure game that sets you up as a giant ghost (who would have guessed) in the fictional town of Sancourt. But even though you’re ethereal in form, there is one person who can see you and he’s a tiny talking fox-like creature called Louis who could use a little help from someone with gigantic hands.

While most of the gameplay looks to involve you helping out Louis in one way or another, there also seems to be a heavy focus on narrative, with the studio relying on the talents of novelist Sara Bergmark Elfgren to produce the story. According to the PlayStation Blog announcement, “Being a giant is a big advantage when building your friendship with Louis. During your journey, you help him with all manner of challenges that, at first glance, seem impossible to pull off. While they often involve heavy lifting, your most important role is less physical. It’s that of being a supportive friend for a child in need of some guidance.”

Check out the adorable trailer below:

So while the town of Sancourt will be open to you in a unique way as you lift vehicles, uproot trees, and open up the buildings to get a view of what’s going on inside, how your friendship with Louis unfolds forms the true essence of the game. Ghost Giant certainly looks like it could pull at a few heartstrings and it definitely reminds me of another tiny creature and ethereal giant relationship that had enchanted the hearts of many – namely Moss. Which isn’t a bad thing at all because we certainly can’t wait to have more of those types of unique story experiences that become enriched through the wonder of VR. Unlike Moss, however, Ghost Giant will release with support for the Move controllers as well.

No release date has been announced for Ghost Giant just yet, but it is set to be a PlayStation VR exclusive, which must be a bummer to our puzzle adventure-loving PC VR friends. However, Moss first released as a PS VR exclusive too, but was released for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift just last week. So if you own either a Vive or Rift then there’s hope for you yet!

Another interesting looking title revealed for PS VR at this year’s pre-E3 press event is a trippy-looking game called Tetris Effect that comes from the creators of Rez Infinite.

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