Enter The Dark Bloody Halls Of Death Horizon

It’s time to don your SWOT gear and fight some zombies again. By now you should have your zombie killing skills honed razor sharp, so the guys from Death Horizon are sending you into a zombie infested research station alone. That shouldn’t be a problem, right?

As any “good” zombie story starts, a virus, in this case, called the T12 virus, has broken containment at the Horizon research station. Sounds an awful lot like the T virus from the Umbrella Corporation but I guess it’s hard to come up with new material for the shambling undead these days. So your mission is to eliminate all of the infected employees who have been contained within the facility for now. I’m guessing there’s no drunken Christmas party this year. Then you’ll also have to disable the station’s reactor in order to stop the virus from spreading beyond the building’s walls. Oh and do try to survive, of course.

Developed for Mobile VR devices, Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream, Death Horizon from Dream Dev Studio packs a lot of intense zombie action into a small package. From the looks of the screenshots, this title has some of the best graphic quality I’ve seen on a mobile VR game to date. The game is yet to release, with no set release date announced yet.

Check out the trailer below:

It’s Thriller Night

According to the studio behind Death Horizon, the title is aiming to be one of the most realistic shooters for mobile, so I’m guessing accuracy and great weapon handling will be two of the main features it tries to deliver on. As for the weapons available in the game, we don’t know what types there will be yet but I’m sure you can expect a shotgun in the mix. We do know that there will be three different ones to help you rain down hell on the undead. And of course, since all zombies weren’t created equally, you can expect different types of enemy employees to face off against as well.

As for the locomotion in the game, the action seems to take place at preset places and the game takes you methodically through from one location to the other. So , in essence, t’s a rail shooter. Which isn’t the worst option for a Mobile VR title, since that keeps motion sickness at a low for the majority of people.

You can expect to get around an hour’s worth of gameplay out of this title, so depending on the price tag, it might be well worth your time. Even though the whole zombie shooter thing isn’t exactly original. We’ll keep you up to date on a release date and price tag for Death Horizon as soon as they’re announced.

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