EVE: Valkyrie to launch on HTC Vive in November

EVE: Valkyrie – the relatively new multiplayer space-shooter from CCP Games, who promised to launch the title on multiple platforms. EVE: Valkyrie, set in the vast universe of EVE: Online, launched with the Oculus Rift back in March and was a launch title for Playstation VR earlier this month. Now waiting fans can finally look forward to playing it on their HTC Vive’s as promised.

The developers finally confirmed that the game will be available on the HTC Vive platform this month. They also discussed some upcoming content updates for EVE: Valkyrie at the EVE Vegas event of this past weekend, like an image of ships flying through an ice field – which could possibly be a new map. But they remained cryptic and promised to divulge more info at the Sony PlayStation Experience event on December 4th. Various teams also went up against each other in the EVE: Valkyrie Tournament of Champions at the event. You can check out how that went and see the winning team, the Invaders, here. You can see ‘s full speech at the event on their twitch channel, but note that they have quite a few sound problems throughout the video.

Source: evevalkyrie.com

Some players have been playing EVE: Valkyrie on the HTC Vive for a while now.

Some HTC Vive players have managed to already play EVE: Valkyrie through the multiplatform ReVive hack – which allowed HTC Vive users to play Oculus exclusive titles. The hack was developed by a Reddit user called CrossVR back in April. Oculus then brought out updates in May to block the hack, but after much controversy, removed them again. If you’re in the dark about the whole start of the whole ReVive hack debacle, you can read more about it here.

The cross-play update for the game, which was released by CCP Games recently, will allow fans to play together across all three platforms.

So what’s the consensus on the game so far?

If you’re thinking of getting the game when it releases for HTC Vive later this month, there are some things you should know:

  • Players who have already bought EVE: Valkyrie say they experience motion sickness when playing the game and some say they needed a few weeks to get used to it. But this isn’t very unusual for VR games.
  • The game has had two major updates so far, called Carrier Assault and Joint Strike last month, both adding lots of new features, fixes and updates to the game.
  • The game has pay-to-win transactions which obviously hits a nerve for some
  • Overall players are really happy with the game and are hoping for future DLC’s to prevent stagnation

There’s no set release date for EVE: Valkyrie on the HTC Vive yet, but the developers should be announcing it soon.

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