Eye In The Sky Is A Co-Op Escape The Room Puzzle Game

Eye in the Sky is currently in development by VinLia Games in the Netherlands, for HTC Vive. The game releases on on Early Access on Steam on April 28.

It is another escape the room game, but what made me interested in it is the fact that it’s a fully local co-op game. Though don’t worry if you’re spare on friends to play with – there are single-player levels too!

The developers also just released a new trailer for the game. Check it out below:

Become A Floating Robot Eye

When playing with a friend, one person (wearing the Vive) will take control of a giant floating robot eye who is able to interact with and control certain elements of the environment. That person will have a “bird’s-eye” view of the environment and has to direct the other person through the puzzles in the game. The second person takes control of a little robot, referred to by the developers as the “Light”, through desktop view.

The little robot has the ability to walk to the nooks and crannies of the rooms where the floating eye can’t reach. From his point of view, the little robot can also gather information to guide the “Eye” to hidden areas. Both players have unique abilities within the game that help them reach places that would be otherwise hard to reach for either party. In this way, by working together, both can collect vital parts of each puzzle that helps them escape to the next room.

Currently, there are 9 environments to play through that span 2 chapters of the game. But the developers are planning on adding at least two more chapters and content to the game during the Early Access stage.

There isn’t as much content at the moment in terms of single-player gameplay, with 3 experimental levels currently in the game. But the developers said that they are planning on adding at least a dozen more single player puzzles to the game since they, and I quote, “found it hard to add an extra human to the overall package and keep the price low.”

Eye In The Sky Uses Room-Scale To Its Fullest Potential

In terms of locomotion, the game makes use of the full 2m x 2m area which means you can move around the environment however you like. So if you’re the VR player and you can’t reach somewhere, then that space is probably meant to be explored by the other player – according to the developers. But since this game is in Early Access there are bound to be glitches – so future frustrations may occur. You’ve been fairly warned.

Right now, the game is playable and I feel like it has a lot of potential to be fun going forward. I definitely like seeing more co-op puzzle games. If you’re interested in Eye in the Sky then make sure to check it out when it releases on the 28th.

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