Get Ready For A V-AHRR Adventure With Isle Of Lost Skulls

Even though it’s a free game, Rec Room has been kicking but and taking names with its amazing quest additions of late. The latest of which comes in the form of Isle of Lost Skulls, and as you can probably guess from the name, it’s a pirate-themed adventure.

Rec Room from developer Against Gravity is one of the more popular social VR games out there and offer players a multitude of activities and games within a sporty ‘rec room’ setting. Each player has their own little private space and can enter the larger community space from there, where they can interact with other players as well as enter into quests and game areas like paintball. They also added private rooms last year, and more recently, custom rooms which allow you to create your own rooms and invite friends to them for parties, games and whatever else you want. Oh, I know you’re thinking of something dirty right now, but Rec Room isn’t really made for that. The game is available for free with cross-platform play on HTC Vive, Oculus rift, and PSVR.

Isle of Lost Skulls is the game’s fourth quest and it’s now available from the main Rec Room area. This quest takes you on a merry journey across difficult seas to an Isle where a fearsome guardian awaits. He guards his legendary treasure jealously, but before you even get the chance face him, you and your band of pirate friends will have to use wit and skill to cross the dangerous blue expanse. Or meet your end in Davy Jones Locker.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

This quest deviates from some of the others in the sense that you can only take two other players on this challenge with you. They usually support up to four. However, Isle of Lost Skulls follows the others in the sense that it isn’t easy and won’t hold your hand during any part of the way. These quests don’t have difficulty settings either – so you’ll probably want to invite some capable friends to play with.

The update that brought Isle of Skulls also added a few more significant tweaks and changes to the game. These include, amongst other things, the merch booth – which is back by popular demand and here to stay, as well as the discontinuation of the random loot boxes. The development team felt that these no longer had any use with the merch booth in place. Some more cool new content includes Holotars – recorded versions of your in-game avatar’s movements and your voice that you can place in your custom rooms. You can read the full list of updates and fixes on the game’s Steam page.

Speaking of those, Rec Room also currently has a competition going, which you can enter by creating a custom room. The competition ends on March 12th and the team will pick the top three custom rooms after the 19th, who will win various prizes, including a Nintendo Switch and Ready Player One movie tickets. The competition is open to anyone across the globe so make the most of it!

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