Get Stranger Things: The VR Experience On PSVR For Free

Sony announced back on Halloween that Stranger Things: The VR Experience will be coming to Playstation VR. The game is free to play and challenges you to enter the Upside Down yourself. So make sure to take your nail-bat in case that Demogorgon comes around.

Even though the second season of Stranger Things, along with the immense hype that surrounded it is now passed, Stranger Things: The VR Experience takes place in the first season of the game, inside the Byers house. Will has just disappeared, Eleven hasn’t shown up yet and you get to traipse around Joyce’s house. The Christmas lights are already up (how fitting) and the letters Joyce painted are staring at you from the wall.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

At the moment, this is your one and only chance to get to see the world of Dawkins, Indiana as the creators of Stranger Things made it. Plus since the next season is rumored to release in 2019 (how are we going to wait that long?) this is one of your only chances to get a fix for the next while. Unless you decide to rewatch the first two seasons which is valid too. Plus if you have a Gear VR then you can try out the Stranger Things DLC for Face Your Fears which is also a free title but has its own original story that ties into season two of the show.

Either way, you can now download Stranger Things: The VR Experience for free on the Playstation Store. Better be on the lookout for flickering lights.

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