Go Up Against The Slenderman Of VR, Seeking Evil: The Wendigo This Month

Releasing this month on Steam Early access is Seeking Evil: The Wendigo. Created by Copybugpaste (cool name?), Seeking Evil: The Wendigo is a horror adventure game that supports HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The game is set up a little like Slenderman where you start the game stranded in a forest with a flashlight as your only acquaintance and no real reason for why you’re there. Then, much like the classic horror walking sim you realize that you’re not alone in this forest and you come face to face with the Wendigo. You don’t have any weapons with you so running is your only option, but the chances of escaping this cunning creature are finitely small. So.. good luck with that camper.

“Deep in the cursed forests of North America you’re being haunted by a bloodthirsty predator. Outsmart the Wendigo and live, be reckless and face certain death!”

While the trailer doesn’t reveal much in terms of gameplay, the graphics do look great. Plus the monster does offer something in terms of presence that I might find in a disjointed nightmare.

Start The Bonfire And Let It Burn

If you aren’t too clued op on native American folklore, a Wendigo is a cannibal monster or evil spirit that roams the forests of North America and is part of the traditional belief system of a number of Algonquian-speaking peoples. According to the developers, “This creature is intelligent, agile, possesses supernatural strength, has enhanced senses and excels in stealth. The combination of these abilities allows it to stalk its victims without being noticed and once it has you in sight it’s probably already too late.”

In Seeking Evil: The Wendigo the forest has been cursed (by which means I don’t know), which caused this vile creature to haunt its shadowy enclosure. You, as the main protagonist of this story, have to find 9 totems strewn across the environment, collect and destroy them with fire. This will cause the Wendigo to cease his evil existence.

No Teleportation. In This Game You Run

In terms of locomotion, the game makes use of the trackpad on the Vive controllers and the analog stick of the left Oculus Touch controller to move around. Plus for in those cases where you’re being chased by the Wendigo you can shake the controllers as if you were running to move faster. The developers do suggest that this be a standing experience, but it can be played seated with the standard keyboard setup as well. AAnd just like Slenderman, I wouldn’t say this game has a lot of replay value right now since the premise will stay the same if you finish the game and start from the beginning. But the developers do seem to have a vision in mind for the release of the full game that hasn’t been revealed yet. So maybe we’ll see a storyline along with whatever other features they’re planning to add.

But currently the game is quite pleasing visually and does offer some gut-wrenching moments. It’s worth checking out when it releases on Steam – the exact date of which is still TBA. We’ll keep you up to date.

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