Gungrave VR Heads West for a 2018 PlayStation VR Release

It is every gamers worst nightmare. You see an amazing looking game get a release date, only to find your country is not on the list. This happens all too often with some incredible looking Japanese titles, and Gungrave VR is no exception. However, all hope is not lost.

Publishers, Marvelous Europe, announced today that it will be handling the European distribution of VR Shooter, Gungrave VR. The release will see both a digital and physical release in Autumn of 2018. Fear not North American VR gamers, the demigods over at Xseed Games will be handling a stateside release as well.

Drugs are Bad

For those of you unfamiliar with Gungrave VR, it is just one chapter in a long running franchise that follows a resurrected badass known as Beyond the Grave. In this story, we meet Mika Asagi, who has been tracking down the individuals responsible for putting a rather nasty drug on the streets, known as SEED. It would seem that this drug has a side effect that transforms creatures into rampaging dicks.

Now that she has located the manufacturing plant for SEED, she calls upon the awesome power of Grave to put an end to the epidemic. Playing as Grave, you take control of this akimbo pistol wielding, casket swinging, resurrected force of nature. Gameplay is a mix of perspectives depending on the level, including first and third-person views mixed with stationary and mobile gameplay.

Gungrave VR will feature fully-voiced acting in English and Japanese, with subtitles in several other languages. Yes, you will even get a chance to face off against the Orgmen in the legendary “Kick-Ass�? game mode. Unfortunately, no price has been given just yet, but we will keep you posted as Autumn rolls in.

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