Hands On: Fixies VR. Mystery of the Professor

If you’re a budding 5-year old then you’re probably familiar with the Fixies cartoon. And then I’m also left wondering how you’re reading this. Child genius? Anyway, the Fixes cartoon franchise has been growing with a slew of mobile games and now they’re invading mobile VR as well.

Fixies VR. Mystery of the Professor takes you right into the world of the tiny Fixies characters as one of their pals. It has your typical hidden objects game mechanics with some runner elements thrown in. The game is available now on the Google Play store and the App Store for free. Well, the first two levels are free, at least. Then you have to go back and collect enough coins to unlock more or buy the full game.

It can be played without a Google Cardboard or Daydream headset as well, in 360-degree mode. Which basically means that you handle it the same way you would a 360-degree video, by panning around with your finger.

Check out the trailer below:

The gameplay of Fixies VR. Mystery of the Professor is pretty simple – there’s a small gear icon in the middle of your view and if you hold it over certain objects long enough then you’ll interact with them. These interactions are pretty much limited to finding hidden objects, collecting coins and guiding your way to the next level via unplugging cords from their jacks.

Obviously, if you’re not familiar with the Fixies (or not a 5-year old) then you should probably pass this one by. However, if you’re looking for a fun little game with colorful characters and an equally colorful storyline for your kids, then you’ve found it. Fixies VR. Mystery of the Professor boasts great visuals and puts you right at the scale of the Fixies characters, meaning your kids will look around in awe as they explore the game. The gameplay is also straightforward and relatively easy, with the characters helping you out after a couple of seconds if you can’t find anything. It won’t pose a challenge to an adult, but I can see a kid enjoying the experience.

So if this looks like something your kids will get pretty excited about then get this game for them and help them play along with Simka, Nolik, Grandpus, Fire, and Verda in the world of Fixies.

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