Hands On: Take On Demons With Friends In Eternity Warriors VR

Sometimes an indie game comes along and surprises the hell out of you. Literally and figuratively. When I first got wind of Eternity Warriors VR I thought, “great, another wave fighter for VR” but I soon had to eat my own words upon first entering the game.

Eternity Warriors VR is a new title from Vanimals for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift that’s been released on Steam Early Access. The action RPG is going for $14.99. However, it does have a 15% launch discount, putting it at $12.74 until September 25. I gave the game a try using the Vive and was surprised at how extremely well polished it was. Even though it’s a wave shooter and a stationary game, locomotion-wise. The game focuses on an arcadey feel with lots (some would say too many) achievements rather than actual RPG elements.

Check out the trailer below:

Eternity Warriors VR sports some of the best graphic details I’ve seen so far in VR. The main menu features a cabinet full of trophies that you can earn in the game. I found myself picking up and ogling the amazing details on them for a good ten minutes at least. But I’m not here for those so I decided to try my hand at the ‘Arcade’ mode (single-player mode) in Eternity Warriors VR.

On my playthrough I gave each class a try, testing out the different weapons and fighting styles. I really loved that the developers put so much thought into making each class unique and enjoyable. Plus the weapons’ abilities all lend themselves to different strategies, which means no playthrough is ever exactly the same. The bow and arrow combination is pretty standard, with incendiary and lock-on arrows, as well as a shield ability that lasts for a couple of seconds. The Warrior, which was my favorite class between the three, has a sword and shield combination – pretty standard as well.

Though the shield, in particular, is quite unique, with a laser-like beam that you can use as a ranged attack. As well as a bash ability that you can use to push enemies away, earning yourself precious seconds of breathing room. The sword also charges energy as you slice through the demons, allowing you a burst of extra slicing energy at melee range for those extra tricky buggers. As for the Gunner class, I got to dual-wield a shotgun and a pistol. The shotgun acts a lot like the warrior’s shield in that it pushes the enemies away and also has a shield ability. But I felt that it doesn’t do a lot of damage. The pistol can be charged, allowing for stronger, faster shots for a short period of time.

A Succubus In An Abandoned Skyscraper. Seems Like A Good Fit.

The enemies in Eternity Warriors VR are varied and pose quite the challenge. From zombie-like demons and hellhounds to these insanely fast a-holes that suddenly jump you. I could see a lot of work went into getting the detail of the foe’s just right in this game. Let’s just say, I almost had to change my pants a couple of times. The enemy AI could use some work though. Because even though they spring up in different places and there is some dodging here and there, they’re generally predictable. Also, the setting versus the characters didn’t make sense. The environment looks like it plays down in modern times while the characters come from medieval fantasy. This lead to a somewhat disconnected feel for me.

After a certain amount of levels, a boss would usually show up in the game. But the difficulty curve in Eternity Warriors VR was a bit confusing. While the other creatures weren’t that hard to get through, generally, the boss fights seemed to be contrastingly impossible and took long very to beat.

In the end, I felt that Eternity Warriors VR is a promising EA title with very polished graphics and gameplay. Though the fact that it is another wave shooter, an RPG with no storyline, and has no movement options will certainly put off quite a few people. Still, if you’re looking for a good time while fighting demons with friends then this might be the game for you!

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