Here’s What’s On The New PSVR Demo Disc

Demos are largely a thing of the past since most game developers these days don’t release them anymore. But the trend seems to be making a bit of a turnaround under VR developers, and, largely Sony. Along with the launch of the PlayStation VR last year, they also launched a demo disk that comes with every headset. This demo disk contains around 13 demos of VR games and has been given with every PSVR headset for the past year.

Now, Sony has announced an updated demo disk that will be released along with all the newly updated headsets. Which is great because there are a lot of exciting new titles releasing for the platform. The demo disk has also been announced with the Skyrim VR bundle and the Gran Turismo PSVR bundle. The demo disk, titled “PlayStation VR Demo Collection 2” is set to release today. And not only will the demos be available on the disk but they will be available for download on the PlayStation Store as well.

So What Titles Does This Juicy New Demo Disc Contain?


EVE: Valkyrie


Star Child

The Persistence


Tiny Trax

Dino Frontier

Fantastic Contraption

Job Simulator

Raw Data

Rez Infinite

This list contains a lot of new titles that released this year as well as one or two old ones like EVE: Valkyrie and Rez Infinite. One of the most exciting demos on the disk, however, is probably that of upcoming adventure puzzle game Moss. Moss was announced at E3 earlier this year and stars an adorable little mouse named Quill, who uses squeaks and various non-verbal cues to communicate with the player. Then there’s Star Child which is an upcoming sci-fi side scroller that’s also attracted quite a bit of attention.

All in all, there are quite a few titles on there that are worth trying out, if you haven’t tried them already. So make sure to go get your free download, or if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, then check out the recently announced bundles mentioned above.

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