Hyperbolic Magnetism Drops the Beat Saber on Steam

Well, the wait is finally over and the initial feedback is in. People seem to really enjoy Hyperbolic Magnetism’s neon infused rhythm game, Beat Saber. After its launch into early access on May 1, the game quickly climbed to the top of several of Steams trending lists and had a fair number of streamers bringing the content.

After a long and very effective marketing campaign, Beat Saber launched into early access at $19.99. The game comes with 10 custom tracks that will have you slashing two light sabers to the beat. More importantly, Beat Saber has a shiny leaderboard for players to dominate!

A Bright Future

With the early access underway, the studio is looking to have the completed project out by the end of 2018. More songs are being created to keep up entertained during the early access, but many players have asked about custom content. Well, it looks like we are in luck!

The developers are working to implement a level editor that will allow players to create custom levels, using their own music. It will be interesting to see what the community comes up with! You can pick up on Steam or the Oculus Store, right now, for $19.99. It currently supports the Rift, Vive, and WMR headsets. Happy slashing VR gamers!

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