Improved SteamVR Performance and New Home Environment Coming to Windows MR

Windows Mixed Reality HMD owners are in for a bit of a treat, according to a Microsoft blog post. Rolling out this Spring will be an update which includes a number of improvements to the headsets performance when running VR content through Steam. The Windows update will also aim to improve performance when not running Steam as well.

Included in the update will also be a new Home Environment for users to enjoy. Currently, the only available space is the “Cliff House” that came with the HMD’s initial launch. The new “Sky Loft” environment. No word yet if this new environment will include any new customization options.

The Road Ahead

The added support of SteamVR has been a bumpy road for some users. However, Microsoft does appear to be listing to user feedback. The update will include some much-requested improvements such as haptic feedback in steam games and lower video RAM usage when playing SteamVR games.

While the WMR platform still has a ways to go, it is good to see the ball rolling in the right direction. Now if the new detailed setup information just included something about plugging it into my Xbox, I would be one happy camper. No? Oh well. For a detailed look at all the fixes and updates Microsoft has made, head on over to their blog post. Be sure to let us know what you think about the updates and what else you would like to see in future ones.

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