Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes Is Free This Weekend

Take some time this weekend to refine your bomb defusing technique – it is an essential life skill after all. Plus, since Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes will be free this coming weekend you’ll have no excuses when that critical life or death moment is finally upon you. Luckily no bomb suit is needed when playing this VR game, even though the pressure feels real enough all the same.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a very popular local party VR game that was released all the way back in 2015 for Gear VR by Steel Crate Games. The game then released for both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on Steam, but the free weekend will be exclusively for Rift players on the Oculus Store. After that, the game will revert back to its normal $14.99 price tag.

If you’re not familiar with this nervous backsweat-inducing game, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes has one player in virtual reality with different types of bombs set up in front of them, while other players can join in (in real life) and act as the “experts’ who help that player defuse said bombs. Every bomb has different compartments that get set up randomly with every playthrough – though the game does have levels and the first couple of bombs are a little easier to solve. Well, they’re supposed to be, depending on how well your team works together. See, the VR player has to describe these compartments to the other players, who are set up with downloadable manuals, and they then have to search for the right wires to snip or buttons to press.

Check out the game trailer below:

Things can get frantic real fast in this game and soon everyone starts panicking as the timer runs out and the eventual KABOOM comes. It’s a heck of a lot of fun – if you’re playing with the right group of people – and still one of my personal favorites. Just make sure you have some people to play with because this game cannot be played solo.

So if you’re planning on having a few friends over this weekend, or you were looking to spend some quality time with your family then this is the perfect time to whip out that Rift and see how well you can work together. Or place the proverbial bomb in the middle and see how much chaos will ensue.

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