Latest Tilt Brush Update Brings a New User-Friendly Mode

We all like to express our creative side when we can. Google’s design and illustration VR program, Tilt Brush, gives us a completely new way to do just that. However, jumping into any art program can be a bit overwhelming. With all the new VR adapters jumping into our ranks, what better time to address that issue with an update?

That’s right, Tilt Brush just got its version 16 update and it has both new and experienced users in mind. First time users will now be greeted with a Beginner Mode that lets us dip our toes into the software’s sea of functionality. The new mode can be turned on and off at any time but promises a friendlier first-time experience for would-be artists.

That’s Not all Folks

The update also adds in 12 new brushes that offer all new textures and volumes. Additional tools include:

New Pin Tool: With the new Pin Tool, you can lock objects in place so that they are unselectable. This tool allows you to quickly pin or unpin many elements in a row. Just select the Pin Tool button in either the Quick Tools Panel or the Labs Panel and pin away.

New selection options: We have added new two selection features, the Select All Tool and Invert Selection Tool. These allow you to select all items in a sketch as well as invert selections that you have made. Long press on the Selection Tool to access these features.

Recall Mirror tool: If you have ever lost your Mirror in a busy scene or teleported away from it in your sketch, you can use the Recall Mirror Tool by long pressing on the Mirror Tool. This will teleport it right next to you.

Rapid undo/redo: If you want to undo a bunch of brush actions you can press and hold the undo controller button until the scene has reverted to the version you want. The same is now possible for redo.

Current user feedback is also being addressed with the update. Many users expressed interest in more functional Sound FX options and Google delivered. The revamped audio library aims to “create a more pleasant creative environment” while still keeping the feel that users have come to know.

You can check out Tilt Brush on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. WMR users can still enjoy the software, however it is not officially supported. Tilt Brush is currently $19.99 on Steam, the Oculus Store, and Viveport.

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