Let’s Take a Sneak Peek at What Matters in Red Matter

Explore an abandoned enemy research station, deep below the surface of one of Saturn’s moons? Where do I sign up? When your nation is engaged in a Cold War that extends into the very stars, you don’t have to think twice when enemy research becomes ripe for the taking. Even if the nature of that research is shrouded in mystery and danger.

After spending a half hour in Red Matter, it is pretty damn clear that it is chalked full of mystery and danger. Atmospheric intrigue aside, it is also pack with some well polished controls, graphics, and puzzles as well. Today, we will take a look at the first few puzzles in Red Matter and talk a little about the overall experience that Vertical Robot has created.

Stellar Pincers

As you can see from the gameplay footage, Red Matter is graphically pleasing. More importantly though, is how pleasing it is to interact with that good looking environment. Much of this stems from the developers decision to use the Touch controllers design, in the game itself. With all relevant information displayed on the layout you are already familiar with, it completely eliminates confusion. Sliding right into the action was pretty effortless.

Speaking of action, I have a feeling that we are instore for some creepy events as we dive deeper into the abandoned research station. With the distraction of all the puzzles that slow your progression down, its hard to shake that feeling that something is always creeping up right behind you.

The puzzles themselves, so far, are not too complex, but still very well designed around the space station. Having to rely on your handy translator to understand your surroundings, further pushes you into exploring the objects surrounding you at all times. Not only did this feel fun, it helps bring the game to life.

Feeling Like the Pawn

I really want to go into more about Red Matter, but that is just going to have to wait for the full review. In the meantime, I think it’s safe to say that we have another well polished Oculus game on our hands. Of course, we will know for sure once we step off that elevator and further explore the abandoned station.

Be sure and check out Red Matter on May 24 and take advantage of the reduced pre-order price of $29.99. Happy hunting VR comrades!

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