Mage’s Tale Heads to Vive and PSVR

Mage’s Tale, inXile Entertainments’ dungeon crawler RPG, is breaking its exclusivity chains this month. Starting March 23rd, you can pick it on Steam for $29.99. A PSVR version is in the works, but no official date has been set for its launch.

The release also comes with all the improvements that found their way into the Oculus version of the game. The new Horde Mode, smooth locomotion options, refined UI options and better load times will be included at launch. Basically, everything that made this game better after its initial launch.

Ancient Lore and Missing Mages

The Mage’s Tale is set between the events of The Bard’s Tale III: Thief of Fate and the upcoming Bard’s Tale IV. You take on the role of a young apprentice of the mystic arts. Your mentor, Mage Alguin, has been magenapped by a corrupt wizard and you are the only one that can save him. Typical RPG setup, but that is just the beginning!

With over 10 hours of gameplay, you will be traversing mazes, solving puzzles, and wielding raw elemental power along the way. As you progress deeper into the dungeons below, you will uncover hidden secrets and learn new, devastating powers. Not to mention, be faced with goblins and giants galore.

Mage’s Tale is available now, on the Oculus Rift, and will be playable March 23 for on the HTC Vive. We will keep you posted on any information about the PSVR release as it becomes available. Mage’s Tale should be a perfect fit on the console platform!

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