Megaton Rainfall Drops October 17th

It seems that PlayStation VR players will have to wait a little while longer for Megaton Rainfall. The development studio, Pentadimensional Games, announced yesterday that the game will now be pushed back until October 17th. The first-person action game was originally set to release on the 26th of September. The studio went on to explain that the delay was an issue with bureaucracy rather than the game itself.

Megaton Rainfall will be playable with or without VR on the PlayStation platform at launch but no word yet about the Steam version. The game will retail for $15.99 and is currently available for pre-order for European players for £12.99. EU Plus subscribers will also receive a 20% discount if they pre-order.

Make it Rain

In Megaton Rainfall you take on the role of an indestructible, dimension jumping, superhero. Your mission is to put a stop to an alien invasion that is threatening an Earth like planet. Travel the world at supersonic speeds from one battle to the next, as you use your superpowers to take out destructive alien weapons. The only downside to being an all powerful indestructible being, is that everyone else is not.

Unfortunately, your incredible super powers can do as much harm as they can good if your not careful. If you take out too many humans or destroy too much of the worlds infrastructure, its game over man. If you thought it couldn’t get anymore difficult, well guess again. You get to fight off this invasion all by yourself. Being a superhero sounds downright exhausting.

Megaton Rainfall has been in the works for well over two years now and originating from a one-man studio, it has come a long way. Yes, we will have to wait another three weeks to “mistakenly” fly through buildings and rain destruction. But, just watching the trailer makes me feel like it just might be worth the wait.

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