Mobile VR Strikes Again: 7 Best Gear VR Games

Mobile VR is certainly one of the most practical ways to get into VR. As time moves on, mobile VR gets more and more refined. People’s experiences with the more advanced mobile hardware are comparable in quality to main VR headsets and at a much cheaper price. As mobile VR continues to rise, we want to present how the newest Gear VR can scratch our VR itch.

Here are seven of the most relevant games for Samsung’s Gear VR:

1- Spectre

How about some good virtual horror? This genre surely stands to benefit the most from VR. Spectre was a Kickstarted project that obviously knew this. They decided to create a mobile version of the game for Gear VR and it produced a solid outcome.

Spectre made it their goal to use VR to transport horror fans into the suspense and give them the same sense of surprise they can find in most horror motion pictures. They created an immersive virtual reality world. All of that is mixed in with fluid mechanics that give you chills down your spine as you try to escape from a terrifying Specter.

Oh, and by the way, you can also take a look at this game in Oculus VR at Steam.

2- Hyper Squadron

Glorious space combat is a must in VR. And Hyper Squadron has got you covered in this area. This Gear VR game gives you direct control of a fighter jet that’s part of a massive fighter fleet. You will be able to enjoy immersive space combat as you join AI ally formations to bring down your enemies.

HyperSquadron Gameplay

The battle takes you on to 12 different missions. There are 6 different jet fighters that you can select from to crush those outer space scum. The only catch with this one is that due to the complexity of the fighting mechanics, you will need a gamepad. Although this means some additional cash (if you don’t own one already), the expense is well backed up as this Gear VR game is worth the extra bucks.

3- The Dream Dimension

Abstract is the term that can most successfully describe this Gear VR game. One of the many uses for VR is to project the abstract realities our dreams can produce. The Dream Dimension takes that task very seriously and fleshes out stunningly abstract and dreamy VR worlds for the player.

As you fully explore and immerse yourself in these dream worlds, you will need to collect dream shards to progress. Exploration is the main element of this holistic adventure and it is highly rewarded – as it’s your only means of progression. From open skies, to floating islands and alien planets, this VR worlds lure you into deep discovery.

4- Overtake: Traffic Racing

Racing – yes please! During traffic? Sing me up! This first-person game is a load of adrenaline. You take control of a virtual driving cockpit as you dodge incoming vehicles. You earn coins by winning races. As you progress, you can use the money you earned to modify your car or buy other cars.

The variety of cars (12 different models) and the 100+ stages in world mode give you quite a bunch of hours of entertainment. Mechanics such as nitro-charge can mean the split second between being a loser or taking all the money back home.

5- VRog Gear VR

Adorable games are sometimes tremendous hits across all ages. Look at Cut the Rope and Angry Birds for instance. And Gear VR is in no way lacking cartoonish fun. VRog Gear VR is one of those easy but addictive games.

You become a frog and do what is expected of you: eat as many bugs as you can. As you rest in your home pond, your main goal is to feed yourself in the least amount of time possible (in Arcade Mode). There is also another game mode in which you must fight a sinister stork for survival (Survival Mode). Push you reflexes to achieve the biggest high score possible.

6- TerrorCave VR

Horror is powerful in VR. That’s a statement that we can confirm. Terror Cave takes advantage of that undeniable statement and scares us to death. The main goal of this Gear VR game is to replicate the experience you feel when you visit a terror cave in a theme park. You are presented with a rail-on perspective as the horrors ahead eagerly await to jump scare the hell out of you.

This is one of the very few games that’s somewhat considerate towards us – the non-horror fans (cowards). A “Sweety” version of the ride is available, that cuts back on the scary stuff. The “scary” version of it, though, is another story! Note: The developers recommend to use headphones for full immersion. I say, no thanks!

7- The Hunter

The Hunters is a Gear VR game that tells us the story of a Mage. The life of this particular mage is surrounded by mystery. You are required to dive deep into this world to unveil the story. To uncover every bit of lore, you must use exploration as your ultimate resource.

Your travels will take you to many immersive locations, such as a dilapidated villa, mysterious catacombs and a museum. All of those locations will serve as your battlefield to gather clues and defeat your foes. Mastering your mage skills is critical to achieving your ultimate goal: to uncover the mystery and survive. Remember, any false step is one step closer to your demise.

All these new releases join and compliment the great existing library of games available for Gear VR. A little flavor to complement many preferences. As the market grows, more Samsung units fly out of the shelves and into the market. As a result, we will surely continue seeing a good amount of titles flooding our phones and emptying our wallets every month. Good for the love, bad for the pocket. Either way, mobile VR has strike again!

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