Moss Developer Hints At Book 2 Sequel

The magic of Polyarc’s mousy little adventure, Moss has enchanted many PSVR players since its release back in February this year. In fact, Moss is currently one of the best rated VR games on the platform. So, of course, we’re eager to see what Polyarc has in store for us in the future. After a few choice comments from the animation director, Rick Lico, on a PlayStation Blog post this week, it seems that we might actually be getting more action from the world of Moss.

I guess I should give a spoiler warning here, since it’s something that happens at the end of the game, but it doesn’t really give away anything about the story of Moss. So with my “spoiler warning” out of the way, players who completed the game will know that once you’ve completed it, you’ll get a Trophy named ‘A Promising Beginning’. The description for this trophy says that you’ve finished ‘the first book of Moss’ – which implies that there are more ‘books’ or chapters to come.

Fingers Crossed

Rick Lico also replied to the comments on the blog post mentioned above, one of which asks about this ‘first book of Moss’ description, to which he replied, “Like any small, indy startup, we have a bigger plan we’d like to accomplish. We’re hoping that, thanks to our amazing fans, things will go well so we can see this plan through to completion. Fingers crossed.”

Well, we’re certainly crossing our fingers too! Although it’s definitely not clear if the plan is to add more content to the game in the form of DLCs, or if Polyarc wants to create a full second title. Either way, getting to see a bit more of the world of Moss isn’t a bad thing in my book.

In our Moss review, we gave the game a score of 9.2/10 and had the following to say: “The level design at the foreground is also breathtaking. Smartly planned platforms, puzzles, run brilliantly along with the harmony of the environment. The game, with all its lighting, sounds, graphics, and stylized reality made me feel like it is a story of which I am very much a part of. Moss is a piece of art that worthy of seeing, experiencing, and being in, thanks to the advantages of PS VR in particular.”

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