The Rabbids Are Invading Google Daydream This Spring

Virtual Rabbids: The Big Plan was announced yesterday by Ubisoft Montpellier’s Loic Gounon and Fred Mizac at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. They described the game as a funny immersive experience and a great addition to the Rabbids franchise. The Rabbids have some experience with virtual reality, having been to Gamescom 2015 at […]

Pavlov VR – The Counterstrike You Wanted in Virtual Reality?

Created by davevillz, Pavlov VR is a first person shooter multiplayer that’s very reminiscent of the popular online FPS, Counterstrike. Pavlov VR releases today on Early Access on Steam for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The demo, released in December last year, saw a growing popularity amongst gamers. For a VR multiplayer – and […]

All Aboard The Titanic VR (From The Creators Of Apollo 11 VR)

The creators behind Apollo 11 VR and the Engage are back with a new educational title called Titanic VR. Their Kickstarter campaign just launched and they’re looking to launch the full title later this year. The team is looking to launch their title on all three major headsets. Having gone to the moon and back, […]

What Is Revive And How Does It Work?

For everyone new to the VR scene and wondering what exactly this ‘Revive’ thing is that they’ve been hearing about. We’re here to explain. Title exclusives have long been a contending point amongst gamers. And it’s no different for the virtual reality variety. But the PC community hasn’t ever let that stop them. The gaming […]

Raw Data Review [HTC Vive]

The Year 2271. Tokyo and Eden Corp. launched the “Promotion” project, which could cause great damage to humanity. As an agent of SyndiK8 you must retrieve the Raw Data which can shatter Eden Corp’s existence. I must add, this will be a thrilling, and sensational experience for all humanity. Hey, I’m not kidding, this game […]

Zynga And EEDAR Vets To Create VR Tabletop Games

EEDAR co-founder, Geoffrey Zatkin, and former GM of Zynga New York, Demetri Detsaridis have recently announced that they have now formed their own virtual reality development studio, called Experiment 7. Coray Seifert from Impeller Studios has also joined the team. But this company isn’t going the normal VR route. Instead, they’re focusing on creating something […]

Waltz of the Wizard

The hidden chamber of secret arts opens its gates for wizards. It’s a new era and a new beginning for magic. From the Cauldron of Aldin Dynamics we present you the Waltz of the Wizard. A Magical World Awaits As we start the game it welcomes us with a mysterious gate. Which leads us to a world that […]

Robo Recall: Set to Release This Year, But is Discontent Brewing?

Robo Recall, the much anticipated full title sequel to the Bullet Train Demo, was revealed last year. A lot of hype started to brew around the upcoming title, due in part, to the developers behind the game, Epic Games. Another element that helped people jump on the hype train was the fact that the Bullet […]

Create Your Own Anime-Style RPG With Smile Game Builder!

Japanese developers, SmileBoom have been working on a game-developing game/software called Smile Game Builder, which allows you to create your own RPG game from scratch! No programming experience needed. Smile Game Builder has a simple user interface that allows you to choose, drag and drop and create your own elements for an RPG world. You […]

The VR Boom: Why Companies Are Investing Large Sums

Virtual reality has been making lots of headlines recently. In less than two years, VR has boomed into a heavily funded, worldwide venture. If you had asked most people what virtual reality is three years ago, they probably would have guessed something or mentioned the Matrix. But now, almost everyone knows what VR is and […]