Moss Developer Hints At Book 2 Sequel

The magic of Polyarc’s mousy little adventure, Moss has enchanted many PSVR players since its release back in February this year. In fact, Moss is currently one of the best rated VR games on the platform. So, of course, we’re eager to see what Polyarc has in store for us in the future. After a […]

Smack Heroes Around In Asymmetrical Party Game Nemesis Realms

After about two months in early access, Nemesis Realms – the sequel to the award-winning Nemesis Perspective – has now been fully released for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Mixed Reality headsets on Steam. Indie developer, Evocat Games created this asymmetric multiplayer game for people who have one headset at home but more than one […]

Island Time VR Review: 1000 Ways To Die Island Edition

We all need a little bit of vacation time now and then, and ‘little’ definitely seems to be the keyword for Island Time VR developers Flight School Studio. Who decided that they’re not going the route of Owlchemy Labs ala Vacation Simulator because who needs to relax, right? So instead we have a tiny island […]

Ark Park Review: Dinos Gone Tame

Life-size dinosaurs, exploration, fearsome battles, and crafting. Yes, I’m definitely talking about Ark Park – the newly released Jurassic Park-like game for virtual reality headsets. People have definitely been excited for this one and with good reason. Developer Snail Studios has been teasing this experience for over a year and with the popularity of acclaimed […]

Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown Is A Tabletop RPG Adventure For PSVR

It’s rare to see a developer combine both adventure RPG mechanics and tabletop strategy elements into one game – but that’s exactly what Tin Man Games are doing with their debut VR title. Announced for PlayStation VR, Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown takes place on a tabletop and has tactical turn-based battles, but they […]

Catan VR Brings The Board Game To Life On Rift And Gear VR Today

Being a board game fanatic is hard. You spent thousands on buying huge boxes of games that you need to find storage for. Not to even mention players willing to take the time to learn and play a game that could take a couple of hours at a time to get through. Even so, we’re […]

Spark of Light Wins Award for Best Vivewave Game At GDC 2018

Spark of Light, the popular fairy-tale VR platformer from the Dutch start-up, Pillow’s Willow VR Studios, has won the Award for Best Vivewave Game during the Vive Developer Award Ceremony at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco this week. In Spark of Light you have to help a little boy and girl called […]

Mage’s Tale Heads to Vive and PSVR

Mage’s Tale, inXile Entertainments’ dungeon crawler RPG, is breaking its exclusivity chains this month. Starting March 23rd, you can pick it on Steam for $29.99. A PSVR version is in the works, but no official date has been set for its launch. The release also comes with all the improvements that found their way into […]

HTC Announces Vive Pro Pre-order and Vive Price Drop

Well, the wait is over, and all the speculation can be put to rest. We finally have an official price for the HTC Vive Pro. In an announcement made today by HTC, the Vive Pro will launch April 5 and is available for pre-order starting today. The price for the new headset is set at […]

Aeon Gets Rift Support, Might Be Getting PSVR Support Later This Year

Illusion Ranger released their debut VR shooter, Aeon for HTC Vive in May last year. It’s full of bullet-time action, slashing swords, and lots of futuristic robot enemies. The game has since done relatively well for itself and has a mostly positive review from players on Steam. The development team also recently added support for […]