Skyrim VR For PC Won’t Have Mod Support, Initially

Yes, I know we’ve all been waiting eagerly to get a taste of Skyrim VR on PC – especially Oculus Rift players, I’m assuming, who were set to miss out on the whole Bethesda VR ports thing. So when Bethesda finally confirmed that the game will be coming to HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows […]

Play With Your VR Waifu In Together VR

Loneliness can be a debilitating problem in its most extreme form and, and it’s something that almost everyone struggles with every now and then. Virtual reality has the potential to tackle this problem head-on, and I’m not just talking about social VR apps and games that allow you to almost physically interact with other people […]

Improved SteamVR Performance and New Home Environment Coming to Windows MR

Windows Mixed Reality HMD owners are in for a bit of a treat, according to a Microsoft blog post. Rolling out this Spring will be an update which includes a number of improvements to the headsets performance when running VR content through Steam. The Windows update will also aim to improve performance when not running […]

PSVR Adventure Golem Gets Delayed Again, Indefinitely

Golem is a PSVR exclusive adventure that lets you take control of a powerful golem via a bedridden teenage girl who has the power to jump into vessels of various sizes. The game was first announced by Highwire Games at Sony’s PlayStation Experience back in 2015. After that, things got relatively quiet until the studio […]

Get Ready For A V-AHRR Adventure With Isle Of Lost Skulls

Even though it’s a free game, Rec Room has been kicking but and taking names with its amazing quest additions of late. The latest of which comes in the form of Isle of Lost Skulls, and as you can probably guess from the name, it’s a pirate-themed adventure. Rec Room from developer Against Gravity is […]

VertexBreakers Teases Futuristic Racing Game V-Racer Hoverbike

We’re sadly still in need of a kickass racing game for PC VR headsets, and up until this point, we haven’t really seen that ultimate VR racer that has everyone saying “this is why I love VR!”. Don’t get me wrong, Redout is great and Neon Seoul: Outrun certainly offers a fun experience. But I […]

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes Is Free This Weekend

Take some time this weekend to refine your bomb defusing technique – it is an essential life skill after all. Plus, since Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes will be free this coming weekend you’ll have no excuses when that critical life or death moment is finally upon you. Luckily no bomb suit is needed when […]

Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One Releases Tomorrow

Get ready to take the next step of your space adventure with this fresh-off-the press release announcement. As we have learned to expect from developer Frontier by now, things are going get wilder than ever. With more of what you love being added into the already popular space exploration game. This new chapter for Elite […]

ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset Brings a New Look to WMR

Those of you that followed all of the WMR announcements, before the launch, might have noticed that someone has been missing from the party. With its futuristic 3D-polygonal design, the ASUS HC102 WMR headset was standout HMD from the rest of the product line. At least aesthetically. With its retail launch coming in several months […]

Hands On: A Lesson in Strategy with Brass Tactics Arena

RTS fans, the time has finally come. You have seen all the gameplay videos, endured the delayed launch, and now your wait is finally over. Starting today, you can finally get your hands on Hidden Path Entertainments’ long awaited RTS, Brass Tactics Arena. Okay, so it’s not the full game just yet. The full version […]