Onward Update 1.2 Brings Several Quality of Life Improvements

If you’re a VR owner that enjoys FPS and Mil-Sim games, you have no doubt heard of Onward. The wildly popular shooter from Downpour Entertainment is still in early access, but already boasts a 90% approval rating on Steam. While most of that comes from the game simply being a blast to play, some of that success is due to the developers acting on player feedback. The Onward v1.2 update continues that trend, this week.

Onward’s v1.2 update is set to release on May 11, bringing with it a sizable amount of improvements. Most of these improvements have a major impact on the player’s quality of life. Most notably, is the newly redone inventory system and improved lighting. Players can even loot the corpse of another player, and swap magazines with a teammate.

The List of Treats

  • Updated lighting and shadows on all maps
  • Re-done inventory system. All items are ambidextrous, droppable, and shareable between players
  • Some new weapon models and added TAR-21 rifle
  • Upgraded night vision, now with an IR light!
  • Bazaar night map
  • The return of a fan favorite map, now called Cargo
  • Interchangeable mags between guns (STANAG support)
  • EAC implementation
  • So many bug fixes
  • And a lot more!

A decent number of updates, just in time for the weekend. If you would like to know more about Onward, check out our full review here. Onward is available on Steam and the Oculus Store for $24.99. The update will be applied automatically, starting May 11. Happy hunting VR gamers!

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