Overtake: The first Gear VR Racing Game

Korean developers WonilGames and Escaper Studio just launched the first Gear VR racing game. It’s called Overtake: Traffic Racing and it’s an exclusive title. Overtake is available for download on the Oculus Store, Apple App Store, Google Play Store, it’s also available as a non-VR mobile game.

This title prides itself on the acrobatic maneuvers needed to navigate highway traffic at high speeds. This game is perfect for you if you like zipping between the slowpokes on the highway and sometimes cutting others off. But that’s considered rude in reality, of course. So now you can live out your rude fantasies in virtual reality, with Overtake. Because in this game you get rewarded for being a reckless driver! Overtake is fast paced and requires quick reflexes to make it through the maze of cars on the road. But winding through the other cars on the road it can be quite relaxing too.

Game Features

The game has a first person, cockpit-style view, much like Project Cars. Overtake also allows you to use the coins and cards you win in races to buy customizations for your car. These customizations allow you to make overtaking easier. You can buy new cars as well – there are currently 12 to choose from in the game. There are also more than a 100 stages in world mode. There’s also an infinite driving mode so you can just cruise without worrying about the time. When on the road you will also encounter ‘Nitro Pads’ that charge your nitro gauge.

Overtake also features daily missions. Unfortunately, there’s no multiplayer yet, so no competing against your friends. But a plus point is that you can play the game offline.

“I wish all the racing game users, not only in Korea but worldwide, will be able to enjoy the VR racing game at a minimal cost,” said Wonil Lee, the CEO of Wonil Games. It’s been reported that they’re working on an Oculus Rift version as well. But for now, you can get the Gear VR game for $3.99 on the Oculus Store.

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