Pavlov VR – The Counterstrike You Wanted in Virtual Reality?

Created by davevillz, Pavlov VR is a first person shooter multiplayer that’s very reminiscent of the popular online FPS, Counterstrike. Pavlov VR releases today on Early Access on Steam for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The demo, released in December last year, saw a growing popularity amongst gamers. For a VR multiplayer – and a demo at that – the servers saw a lot of action. But people had just as much fun with the offline the offline bot matches as well.

Pavlov VR – Growing a Helpful Fanbase Already

As with any early release/demo, expect a lot of bugs. But you don’t have to worry so much about the glitches, because they’re being ironed out systematically by the dedicated devs. There are also a couple of ways around current problems and the player base is already dedicated to helping each other out and giving tips – and the game hasn’t even released yet!

An example would be Oculus players complaining about a glitch where their arms would be backward in the game. One player offered this simple solution on Reddit:

Since this game is made in unreal, make sure to turn on your left controller first or your arms will be backwards (doesn’t take into account SteamVR orientation)


Or there’s this guy, who decided to dole out some helpful tips on the Oculus blog.

Fast Paced and Fully Loaded

In terms of the locomotion mechanic, they’re making use of the OOB teleportation variety. OOB stands for “out of body” and this method allows you to move without actually teleporting. Your “avatar” moves into the target location while you snap to it half a second later. The developers of Pavlov VR chose this method of movement because according to them, “This works great for people who are prompt to motion sickness without breaking the game for other people, this means you can play with regular players.” Though if you prefer, and don’t have problems with nausea when using normal locomotion options, they also have normal touchpad locomotion.

There’s also a lot of weapon options in Pavlov VR, with new ones being added with every few updates. You can use knives, grenades, rifles, sniper rifles, hand cannons, and pistols. Like with CS:GO, you earn money by running around frantically trying to eliminate the opposing team. You can use the money to buy protective vests and more weapons. There are dedicated servers, and along with the casual game mode there’s also a Competitive Search And Destroy game mode.

Speaking of CS:GO – the map and style of the game also heavily reminded me of the popular FPS game. If the developers play their cards right, they could have a VR classic on their hands.

Currently, there’s only one map and limited variation in gameplay – but some are already saying that Pavlov VR will give Onward a run for its money. You can get the Early Access version of Pavlov VR for $9.99.

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