Payday 2 VR Will Be Free For All Who Own The Game + Cross-Platform Co-Op

Have you played Payday 2 before? Personally, I’m quite the fan of the heist hijinks title that first landed on Steam back in 2013 – having put a number of hours into the game. But to be honest, I haven’t played it in a while. Now, however, I think I’m going to dust my clown mask off and don it along with a VR headset this time.

Because, yes, Payday 2 is getting full VR support! The studio behind the game, Starbreeze Studios and their subsidiary, Overkill Software, have officially announced that their thieving co-op title will be breaking-and-entering into people’s headsets later this year.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

Payday VR Teaser

And even better news? The new VR mode will be free for everyone who already owns the first person shooter. Plus you’ll still be able to play alongside all your buddies – even those who don’t have a headset. Because the game will support multi-platform crossplay. So you can go rob the jewelry store and shoot everyone to pieces (if that’s your play style) with Johnny even though he’s not playing in virtual reality.

The announcement was made at Starbreeze’s Starstream event. At the event, Overkill Software showed a video of people playing Payday 2 VR with an HTC Vive. But since the Rift is a popular PC VR platform as well, I’m pretty sure the PC game will have support for the Oculus Rift with Touch too. As for Playstation VR I really can’t say, but there’s a good chance that the PS4 title might add PSVR support too,

They haven’t stated the locomotion options for the game but judging from the trailer, trackpad locomotion would be a good guess. I can’t really imagine teleportation working too well if you’re going cross-platform. Also, according to Polygon, the game will have a full-body cover system, with lean-to mechanics so you can lean around walls to shoot or duck behind counters for cover.

No announcement date has been made public yet, but Overkill did say that the Payday 2 VR beta will begin later this year. We’ll keep you up to date on any further news for Payday 2 VR.

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