PS VR Users Are Spending Hours In VR Every Day

The Playstation VR has been selling out all over the world, according to Sony. Well, there’s certainly a shortage in the UK right now.

But while Sony still hasn’t released any info on exactly how much units they’ve sold after the PS VR’s launch in October, they did state that sales are on track. Sony Interactive Entertainment Head of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida also gave a little glimpse into how things are going in a recent interview. He stated that “people are spending many hours on the system every day”.

This is quite interesting. Especially considering the fact that there aren’t many VR games out there that offer long periods of game time. According to Mr Yoshida, this was news to Sony as well. They weren’t expecting people to spend so much time on the devices because of the whole motion sickness issue. But it seems that either it’s not as big a problem as initially thought, or people are simply getting used to the way VR devices display the content. Unfortunately the Sony head didn’t dive into any specifics though, so we’re still left pretty much in the dark on actual figures.

Mr Yoshida also said that they were pleasantly surprised and couldn’t be happier about how well received the PS VR was in the developer community. According to him, Sony was anticipating that it would take some time for developers to experiment and understand the best uses for VR. And he then said that while that may still be the case, he was very happy to see that some of the games that are already available look amazing in VR. He also hinted that people are continually purchasing games for the device which is a good sign. And that’s no secret as a lot of Playstation VR exclusives were in the running for this year’s The Game Awards.

So How Well is Sony Doing With PS VR?

What we do know is that Batman VR and Job simulator are the best selling games on the PS VR store right now. Which actually does provide some insight into PSVR players’ buying habits. Because both these titles require two move controllers – which would suggest that many, if not most PS VR owners already owned or have bought move controllers with their VR purchase.

As for how well Sony’s sales are going. I’d say they’re sweeping up at the moment. We’ll just have to wait for actual figures to be released to see the magnitude of people who now own a PSVR. But I’d definitely say that when those figures are released there will probably be a spike in development support for the Playstation VR as devs realise the potential goldmine that is the PSVR (if they haven’t already).

Do you own a PS VR? How many hours a day would you say you spend on it on average?

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